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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is it Your Mind? Exposing the true owner of Black Thought today and the Black Face: Which Mask do you wear?

I cried tears tonight for a number of reasons.
You can say it was sparked by the live showing of the Grammys this evening, January 31st, Sunday night.
After heaps of black people went to go shout and rejoice in church pews this morning, they tuned their televisions into another form of mental slavery.
Blacks. African-Americans. Niggas. Coons. Slaves. The President of the United States of America. Africans. Negroes........
Never represented well, and we gave right back into it tonight.


Let me start by saying that it is no coincidence that Robert Downey Jr. was used to "liven" up the Grammys by introducing Jamie Foxx and T-Pain. If you are not familiar, Downey was also used to play a black man on the 2008 movie "Tropic Thunder" that also starred Jack Black and Ben Stiller. I found this somewhat offensive but hadn't paid real close attention until I stared making the connections this evening. He is becoming the new "Black Face" right under our noses. Don't believe me, on your own time please go to and put in Robert Downey Jr- The New Black Face.

Anyway,  "Blame it on the Alcohol" was one of the most ignorant songs of 2009 but besides that, the performance was definitley "Black-Faced." First, you have Jamie Foxx come out in a cape, spin and begin singing the lewd lyrics. Followed by the forever foolish T-Pain with his cape, singing in auto-tune and spinning with a top hat on. His name is justified because that what he causes black people, PAIN. Painful ignorance. Then, Doug E. Fresh came out and b-boxed on the track, just to add a lil' "Flava" for the white audience I suppose. It was cool, but Doug E., being one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop, should have known better. Then to add insult to injury, T-Pain has his mentally retarted sister come out and dance wildly to the track.  The stage was chaotic, loud and ignorant, just how they view "us" anyway right?
I cringed at this performance, embarassed to be represented that way. I couldn't believe that Black People saw no problem with this display of our culture. On one hand, earlier this week we had the President of the United States, a black man, give the State of the Union address and then you exploit us like this? Or did we do it to ourselves......

Why do we allow ourselves to be set in these traps black people? Why do we accept these images of ourselves? Why?

Then, we ended the show with Lil' Wayne, Drake and Eminem. Besides the fact that every other word had to be edited out for offensive lyrical content, Lil' Wayne definitley played into the Black Face mold. He did tonight and he has been for a long time. That's another topic for a entirely different post though. While I understand that Hip-Hop is a sensitive subject for many Blacks, young and old, I must say that the magic that once graced from turntables, speakers and microphones has faded away. The pride, the essence, the struggle, the love...those fundamental elements are not found in most of today's mainstream Black music.
If we look at the number of young males and females that are influenced by Wayne's "Money is the Motivation" and drug-induced lyrics, you really don't have to wonder about why Black America is in the state that it's in. This type of music and exposure to ideals and concepts like this are a major conribution to the destruction of the black mind. Please understand, when other races laugh they are not laughing with us, we are the laughing stock. Although Mary J. Blige, Usher and some others tried remained classy and elegant tonight, believe there are only certain images that remain in the mental rolodex of what represents Black People. Were you suprised that Kanye West was not in attendance tonight?

Anyway, I heard Mr. Cornel West say something tonight that made the tears fall from my eyes. After seeing the display of bafoonery on the screen at the Grammys, I heard the real Mr. West say...

"We are told that to be a young black man is to be involved in Sexual Conquest, over a SISTAH- your sistah. To be obsessed with our desires, to be preoccupied with Getting Over. And therefore all the other dimensions that make up a black man, like our minds, our intellect, our hearts, our souls, our capacity to love, our capacity for compassion, are all reduced to this base denominator of Getting Over."

Marinate on that for a minute.

Do you understand how far we fell from what we once were? Do you understand that there once were many different voices and perspectives of the Black Man?

Do you understand that now, young black men EVERYWHERE are constantly fed images of one way to be. Of one way to treat each other, of one way to treat their women, of one way to live in the Capitalist society, of one get over.
"Thug Life." "Rockstar Lifestyle." "Fuck Bitches, Get Money." "Get Rich or Die Tryin,"....these are all forms of Black Genocide that we constantly feed into. There are harldy any alternatives to this mentality on a large or mainstream level. Sure, you can watch TvOne, read a magazine like "Black Enterprise" or Essence, or head to the library (yeah right?), but there's always....dare I say it, that BET. They call it Black Entertainment Television when in actuality it should be called "Black-Faced Entertainment Television" or NET, short for "Nigga Entertainment Television." That channel is purely, poison to the black mind. Need I not go into detail about that either because that is an entire different post subject. But it's sad that you can count on one hand the number of shows on that channel that actually focus on empowerment of the Black community. Our poor children, our poor adults, our poor souls. But today is not the day to have a pity party. But it is indeed, for me, a day of serious refelection. Do you and I feed into these images? Do you do what your heart desires or what another person's heart desires for you?

You may think that the one change you make can't affect anything but seriously ask yourself: Are you part of the problem, or the solution?

I had a conversation with a young man just a few days ago when he explained to me that the reason he connected with Lil' Wayne and his music so much was because he talked about "Money Over Bitches," and he said he lives his life the same way. Let me remind you that this young man did not even possess a high school diploma, he has no job or source of income. I was explaining to him that Lil' Wayne is there to "Entertain" him and that he cannot live life like that for real. I mean seriously, these young dudes are not understanding: YOU ARE NOT LIL' WAYNE! Anyway, he begged to differ and told me that his lifestyle did reflect Wayne's. In addition to not having a job, his days consist of waking up, smoking weed or popping ecstasy pills (or whatever is his drug of choice for the day), calling one of his "Bitches" or two to come over, rolling up some more weed and then fuckin' with his friends on the block. He also has two young women that he has pregnant, without any care in the world for either one of them. This is a reminder of the type of mentailty we have became complacent with. I explained to him that my issue was not with him listening to Lil' Wayne, but with the limit he had put on his mind and ultimately, his consciousness level. That type of music is not the only kind you should expose yourself to. There are a variety of artists, poets, singers, actors and even dancers that can show you alternative ways of thinking. "Don't be afraid of letting your mind grow young man," were my exact words to him. But as blacks we are so lazy, we don't want the responsibility that comes with the knowledge because once you know the truth, your conscience fucks with you for not acting on it. When did we, as a people, become so afraid of mental stimulation and ultimately, soul evolution? Situations like these sadden my heart because I could see the King in him, the knowledge is in his DNA...but he can't get to it because he became engulfed by all the "distractions" the masters of the world have set there for his own self-destruction.

We can blame it on outside forces, we can "Blame it on the Alcohol" like Jamie, but what we fail to realize is that this war is not physical. The war we, BLACK PEOPLE, are fighting has not been of this material/physical world since it first started. This war has nothing to do with our physical aspects because "if you control a man's mind, you do not have to worry, his actions will follow." -Carter G. Woodson

This war is mental and spiritual. What we have to realize as a people is that if we were to take our minds, as precious as they are, and rebuild them, this is the key. When the psychological chains of mental slavery are broken, then and only then will we see progress. We can March on Washington, we can cry for the Jena 6, we can pray to the heavens, we can picket, protest, sit at lunch counters and take militant action. And although these were all tremendous efforts for the struggle, what we need to accept today is some truth, some real light. This means accepting EVERYTHING you have learned in this Western society as a lie, a BIG FAT lie and starting from scratch. Starting with very humble beginnings. Do your OWN research on the beginning of civilization, the rise of Humanity. Do your OWN research on the human body, the human mind, your PINEAL GLAND {Called the Eye of God by the Ancient Khemetians/ Egyptians}. Your OWN research on your ancestry, your evolvement, your chakras (energy centers) that truly make up your being. Erase from your mind the "Dog eat Dog" mentality that this racist, hate-filled, individualistic, Capitalist society has imposed on you. You have the choice for your mind to be free. You always have the choice, it is your mind isn't it? Ask yourself another question, Who does you mind belong to? Seriously? Is it your mind?

With all of this said, I bring it to a close here. The motivation for this post was sparked by the airing of the Grammys tonight but I added in a few other issues I wanted to address. I love to share with you my inner most secrets, my heart's desire that burns to fill pages and minds with the Divine.
The Spirit of the Most High dwells within you, did the Ultimate Creator not create you? It is on you to see what you can achieve with that energy.

Will we continue to allow big businesses to use us (black people) as their "products?"
Will we allow them to continue to market us however they want to? As an ass-shaking, over-sexed, money-throwing, money-hungry, ebonic-speaking, no education having, poppin' out babies, pants hangin' off our ass, gold fronts wearin', "Fuck bitches get money," "Niggas ain't shit" sayin', prostituting, abortion-having, laughing, joking, giggling when shit ain't funny, moaning, groaning, complaining, shiftless, tired ass negro race.....

Will we? Damn, I'm almost scared of alot of the answers I may get from my people, Black People...the Alpha and Omega, the warriors of this world, the rulers of this universe. We are fighting this fight and we are losing, will we take our God-given life back? Because somebody else controls your are the puppet they pull by the strings....whether or not you know it or believe it, it's happening....right now!

But it's your choice. It's our choice. And personally, I refuse to let my race be thrown by the wayside. Go ahead and think that this shit doesn't affect you, or your children, or your children's children, or ther children. Doesn't slavery still affect your ass today? Isn't racism still alive in your hometown?...or will you have a Condolesa Rice moment and say that you never experienced it.

Whatever your issue, whoever you are, wherever you are...are you wearing that Black Face mask? Do you own your mind? Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?

Huh? Brother? Sister?...Can anyone hear me out there? Or do I stand all alone, fighting for all of you......

It is Black History Month today isn't it? Happy February. One Love, BlackSoulRose.