Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inhaling the Moon Essence

Da First of Da Month hit me--and now it's gripping me. This is truly a new time. Eye am forced to move from cumbersome and mediocre goals and assets in Life. Eye see myself trimmed in gold, wading in the waters of abundance and climbing trees with my children. Eye see valley Life; a connection with Nature. eternal. Eye see myself in the light of Creation--the most Holy and lifting of lights--even on the quietest of nights. Everything around me is changing, as my World is rearranging.

Eye embrace this change and angle my ranges to accept favor and beautiful blissings in all forms. Though they may come as non-traditional as Eye once thought necessary--but at least they are here. Eye can finally hear the voices of my Angels--all of my fortune manifesting. Eye can finally feel it--Eye know my purpose here. And throughout it all, the key is to work with it, through it and around it. Become it--the purpose you were put here for. Eye am grateful Eye am young, and have found my (main) niche. And it is blessing you with these words--so many words. So many places they come from, so many avenues and planes my love and mind has traveled to. So many days and nights Eye whispered and wondered, where all of this enchanted fairy dust came from. And now Eye know. Eye know that Eye am communicating with Divine Intelligence that has news and Love for me. Eye know that Eye am one with the Heavens, the moons, the stars, the Earth and the rays of sunshine that bask and bless honey. Eye know.

And now, all Eye want to do is fly free in my Destiny. Eye feel as free as Eye once did--that summer in 2009 when Eye found the missing pieces of my Royal Destiny--when Eye was flying home to Kemet nightly, and leaving behind the lies of this Western World. Eye get emotional--Eye know we need to escape. Eye know Eye have to go. Eye know--crystal waters and blue-flowing rivers await my Soul's heartstrings and the timing of it all is Divine. Eye know Eye have been here before--and though the Moon is my guidance and everything--Eye am Everything. Connected most to the Moon though--to the Divine Feminine Consciousness that dwells there--the smell and ecstasy of the Eternity. The passion-laden crisp, spring fresh air of...all. Totality in the Universe.

Rainforests--where Mermaids and fairies lay, everyday. And Nature plays amongst the high rises of the oceans--whose mist kisses all of the breaths of existence. Here is no stress, and never lifeless.

Breathing, Eye remember, and surrender. And inhale Moon fragrances that will tickle my spirit and eyelids. SHE---and that's what we shall forever be.

Moon Priestess. Naree'