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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: A Luxury or Necessity?

And I dare to ask, are HBCU’s a Luxury or Necessity? Should they still be in existence? Are they still relevant?

Many scholars have argued that blacks have advanced and the need for these schools have either declined or are no longer needed. Things like Affirmative Action allow blacks to advance in “Corporate America,” so “they” say.

Historically black colleges were started, historically, to educate blacks who would otherwise, not be educated. Recently freed slaves were left with little options, so the founding of several black institutions of higher learning began. Although most HBCUs are in Southern States, the first Historically Black College was started in the North. Both Cheyney University (in Philadelphia-1837) and Wilberforce University (in Ohio-1856) were both started by Quakers and educated blacks. Some may argue these were actually, the first HBCUs, influenced heavily by independent religious institutions.

Another school, the Institute for Colored Youth, was started before both Cheyney and Wilberforce in the 1830s by other Philadelphia Quakers.

So in essence, Blacks once again needed a handout to be educated or re-educated, post the African Hellacaust: Slavery in the Americas. After the Civil War, HBCUs began to sprout, but not without opposition. With the Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court Decision in 1896, it became law for blacks schools to be created, separate but equal however.

The Morrill-Land Grant Act of 1890 made it federal law for states using federal funds for schools/universities to either open admission to both white and black students, or to allocate money to schools specifically for blacks. With the passing of this second Morrill-Land Grant Act, sixteen black institutions received federal funding. Several black schools including Fisk University and my alma mater, first called the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, graduated several free blacks, including W.E.B DuBois and Booker T. Washington. In the case of Hampton Institute, (now called Hampton University), the school was founded to focus on educating blacks to fill mostly agricultural and mechanical trades. Washington, D.C. was the place that most of these blacks became employed after graduation from Hampton. Even today, the route from Hampton, VA to Washington, D.C. is a very clear and concise one. Don’t think that this clear route is one of coincidence. It has historical data tied to its existence.

With that brief history given, I came to my own sort of conclusion about the founding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. As stated earlier, these schools were mostly started to educate blacks that would not be educated otherwise. Otherwise meaning that whites still did not want blacks educated in their schools. It goes deeper to ask if they wanted blacks to be educated at all. But an examination of the acts and laws that had to be enacted to ensure that blacks had an equal chance at an education should give you a very accurate answer to that question. Only strong minds ponder…..
This is not to say that blacks haven’t benefited from the creations of these schools and universities. But with the obvious advancement of black people, and our schools, would it be appropriate to integrate these all-black schools at this point?

Should institutions of higher learning like Tuskegee, Spelman, Morehouse, Howard, FAMU, Central and Elizabeth City be open to students of all color, cultures and creeds?

Is there a need to sustain the legacy that so many of our African-American heroes have fought, and in some instances, died, to keep alive?

I have had several conversations with colleagues of mine about this very subject and one of the most profound answers I got on the need of HBCU’s existence was that “Yes we still need them Of course they have evolved though. But HBCUs have evolved because black people have evolved.”

With that said, are HBCUs a reflection of the educated black man and woman in America? Or are the educated black men and women of America a reflection of HBCUs?

Are blacks that decide to go to culturally mixed, or bigger, more nationally recognized universities experiencing something that blacks educated at HBCUs are not? And vice versa?
Since other universities (non-HBCUs) have certain quotas to meet (i.e.- granting admission in a certain number of “other” races besides Caucasian), do blacks now have an equal chance at education? Do blacks and other minority races have a chance to advance as readily and steadily as their European/ Caucasian counterparts?
Because all people of a racial category besides that of Caucasian or white have had, in one time of history or another, had to fight for equal opportunities with their Caucasian counterparts, do we still need these specialized type of institutions? Are the existence of HBCUs, that educate blacks, still relevant and in need today? In present time?
Surely most can agree that institutions like HBCUs are constant reminders of the struggle for equality that still exists in America today. However, we must ask ourselves several questions, in addition to the ones listed above.
Firstly, have we evolved into a society that honestly looks beyond the barriers of race for qualifications for jobs, school admission, or any other type of advancement?
Once these “educated blacks” graduate from these nationally recognized, accredited African-American institutions, are they equipped with the proper skills to compete with students who have been educated at non-HBCUs?

Is there a precious piece of culture that is missing from blacks that do not graduate from a HBCU?

Or, do HBCUs even give blacks a fair shot in a Capitalist society that constantly encourages us to strive for self, and self only. Further self-attainment being the only reward of being “successful.”
-Since HBCUs strive on providing a communal sense of living, working and playing, is this a hindrance to the black man or woman that graduates from these institutions?

Most people I have talked with on this very sensitive, but important subject speak about the culture of HBCUs. From the bass-dropping bands at football games, to the hopping and strolling Fraternities and Sororities, to the very live and meaningful Homecoming celebrations, to the sense of family one feels at black schools, the culture of these schools is an energy that defies description.

So I ask, and really NEED to know and hear from you: Are Historically Black Colleges and Universities a Luxury or a Necessity for blacks?

Consider all of the things aforementioned and let’s get into a lively discussion about this matter, a meeting of the minds. Because let’s be honest, this does AFFECT me, you, our children and their children.

As one girl from Hampton University put it, “Yes HBCUs are still relevant, but I wish they weren’t.”

Are they though?
And what do you plan to do about your opinion on their existence or not?

**Only Great Minds Ponder…..

"Without Struggle there is no progress" -Frederick Douglass

                         **BlackSoulRose**               **E&J**

Take It In Stride...

Take it in what the elders tell me

To listen to what others may have to say but still, to make my own decisions. Not that I feel that the best interest of my soul may not be in the hearts of others. But only I know the true interest of my soul.
I’ve been bold for some time now.
Although I cry, I still have the strength of Great Kings and Queens
I know you shall never forsake me.
My thoughts feel scattered at times like this and I need to repent. To myself.
I need to relent. To myself.
I have to search for the answer. Inside of myself. That is the only place I will find true serenity. Through deep meditation and re-creation of my thoughts, of self.
Why do I feel unworthy? Why do I feel doubt, anger, fear?
These are emotions that I have been conditioned to accept as a part of a life in the depths of hell, America.
I know that this is not the way to be yet daily I am fighting to not be sucked in by the masses.
Only the strong go crazy, for an Outcast I am and always will be.
Never will the others understand, I don’t even understand all of my power yet
Even I don’t understand the ramifications or limitations I set for myself as a Spiritual being.
Isn’t my Soul Evolution calling.
And my insides are brawling, and I am waiting to be touched.
I am waiting, but left waiting because I am not sure exactly what I want.
I know I am not ready for the commitment of love ties. Or the headaches of true lies.
But isn’t love supposed to be a beautiful bliss?
I have to learn to cherish, in the moment.
If I could have no worries for tomorrow, or naysays for yesterdays, maybe I would be okay?


That is the question of life? I am stuck trying to find balance, and that is what I need.

If I could balance between life, love, outer beauty, inner soul evolution and peaceful resolution. Then maybe, just maybe….

Would I be alright?

Soldier Of Love

I've been through it all when it comes to love. Call me a soldier 'cause I been fighting for a while now. I should have some stripes. Let me start by saying, this post was inspired by the beautiful, multi-talented Goddess Sade.

Understand, when I speak of being a soldier of love, I'm not just talking about relationships dealing with men that I have loved. I am talking about friends that I have loved and lost, love for my family that sometimes dissapointed me, and the ultimate love for my Creator (a two-way street). These things have ultimately made me stronger. And because of this, I cry to soul-cleanse and it leads to my Soul Evolution. I understand that most do not understand from which context I speak but I like it that way, True freedom is a high price to pay at times, the rest of the world sleeps as I fight these fights...a Revolutionary and a Soldier of Love.

To all those who have loved and lost, this is one of the most valuable lessons of life. I have loved and lost and wouldn't trade a thing. The men who have thought they left me with holes in my heart, Maat has mended them, may God be with you. To the others who shall remain nameless, you will never persevere as you live through other's dreams and not your own. I keep you nameless because energy shall take care of you...DUH! And to all of the followers of my heart, I pray that you feel me, as we engage in distant group meditations, on a global level. Love is Universal and it is the ultimate life source. Without Love, there is no life. And I swear that living life without love is not living at all. So I will and I continue to be a Soldier of Love, this war is one that has no beginning or end, nor any winners or losers...fate takes care of what it shall be.

And now I ask, who are the other Soldiers ready to fight with me. Soldier of Love....and I take no prisoners!                

I am...Choosing to Love Something New Every Day

Am I whatever you say I am? Maybe..... SIKE! If I was to be what you said I am then I would be crazy. So I had a blast with the bestie last night and I was sooo happy we decided to get up. I'm kinda still recovering and debating whether or not to fuck with "Him" tonite. Some one on one time would be good though. And since he's a working man and I am still a "Starving Artist," I think I will take all of that into consideration.

Today was spiritual for a number of reasons though. I can't even begin to describe the dreams, the visions, the epiphanies and the energy of the Most High. I did a group meditation today and a solo one. I'm gonna be on my meditation tip everyday now because I know I need to get back on it like I was over the summer. Last summer was such a blessing for so many reasons, I learned so much about life and love in general. What is life without love? I pose the question again because everyday I try to find a new way to seek the answer. If I can make a pact to love something new every day, then I would be what I need to be. And believe me, the Creator has enough creations for me to choose a new thing to love everyday. And the Creator loves me, Beautifully. I'm signing off here and I would love to continue tomorrow. I have been on it good this week and I will continue. Someone tell me how to add cool features to this thing??? LOL...**E&J**

What is Life...Without Love?

So, today my best friend and I are going to a small High School reunion. Well its actually tonight. No hear back from jobs but fuck that for the weekend. Im about to send my resume off to like 2 or 3 people and then I'm done for the day. I'm so fuckin tired!!! I slept until about 3pm today but thats cuz I was up until like 7am, watching Jurassic Park, writing poetry, working on this blog and enjoying the hour of the Most High. Actually, I feel refreshed for centering myself for a while. If I could get paid to put my artistic and creative abilities to the test everyday I know I would be a millionaire. I can do Anything, I promise. If you put me somewhere, tell me to write about it, sing about, talk about it, do without it....I'm good! Tehehehe. Anyway, Miami did look promising but I don't know anymore. I'm not comfortable with asking my mother for another a thousand dollars to go on a trip when I don't even really have a job yet. Even if I get a job, would it be appropraite to immediately take off time for a personal trip. Serious Judgement Call. Anyway, I did quit the other job I had for a day because alot of these jobs are seriously, stupid. Not that I'm picky but I am a college graduate and I do need some more type of stability. I hope the best to everyone today. I feel like today is going to be a good night that's why I may not even concern myself with the ignorance of the world. crazy right? You can't escape it, but you choose whether or not you respond to it. I am finally realizing how wonderful I am. I think I slept on myself for so long, unable to really hatch into the creative, artistic, articulate and passionate young, BLACK woman that I am. I was born with the skills though and now I need my confodence through the roof. Keep me on this's the only one I need. It's Friday I'm happy and Love is indeed, Life. Read my first post and you will see that I said that. I repeat it alot and I will again: Love is Life. What is life without love? Not just the head over heel type in a of your of the trees....the of the planet you walk on and should live in sync of the birds that sing every morning to wake us of the Tropical Rainforests that most of us are far too scared to ever go of the entire world and cosmic energy that dewlls within us and all around us. Love. Pure. and Simple. **BlackSoulRose**

Soul Evolution

Gimme my

Soul Back
Sold crack, at first
But now it hurts
I can feel the wounds of a thousand men
I feel rejected yet pregnant within
Pregnant with possibility, in the words of Assata
Sisters like that, brothers like this
Make me meditate on my chakras
Put it in a rhyme
Watch me from behind
Watch it, so sublime
Call me anytime
My Soul Evolution was caused by an intrusion
Forced me to come to my own conclusions
And then contusions, why shall I ever be afraid
I, like the seasons, feel the cold, warmth and the rain
But you never loved me, will you ever love me?
Inner battle I have on my own
Inner battle of who’s who and what’s what
Inner battle…
Can I find my Soul a home….
Can you put me on my throne…
Felt that pain at the Super Dome
City Adrift and Earthquakes from beneath
And while you cry, I sleep
Masked in a blanket of security
Far from my destiny of purity
Purely speaking,
Find my soul a home
So Soul Evolution may be the solution
Kids, drinks, loud nights and prostitution
You think we represented in the Constitution
3/5ths of a man, we need a Resolution

My people are…depressed
Tried to keep it about me but nevertheless,
Because my hand hangs heavy with the stress
But never will we settle for less
Soul Evolution…
Hold on to my wings as we fly
These positions in outer space are made for you and I
Give me a five, I lock hands with your shoulders
As we dodge bullet holes, time bombs and boulders

But who’s bolder?

Will you still walk with me
My soul Evolution conquest
My other little voices, and me


Can words express?

No detest that you’re the best
Even if you didn’t touch me physically
Your soul spoke volumes to me
I can swim in an imaginary ocean of our ecstasy
But when I see the water around me…
I know it’s not that imaginary mmmm….
A dark light, a bright essence
A moment of tenderness,
Some pieces of heaven
We brought to that room
Swept me like a broom
Onto a higher plane and I….
Won’t Land
Don’t expect your mans to understand
But you took me in your hand
Gotta love that Black Man

I can’t even feel my heart beat without you crossing through it
Cross my heart and hope to die,
Forever I need you and I
So manly when you talk to me
Baritone reaches exceedingly…
High, oh Hi…how are you, this is my friend
Oh, bye….now are you ready to ride…to the end
But can you swim
You took me deep and far within
It was all in the cosmos
From the every beginning
You are my Soul Mate
Evolved into what a man is supposed to make
And my spirit shakes with your energy
Yet you make me breath easy

Relax, let the night flow and days follow
Relax, never will your heart be hollow
Relax, I’m yours and we both know it
You’re relaxed ‘cause I was trippin’,
I know what I want from it
Relax, let’s do what’s on our mind
Relax, baby….we have all the time

Can it be put into words?
Can words express?
Can you give me what I yearn for next?
Not just sex, but a whole lotta lovin’
Damn, I just won’t wait for the day,
I make you my husband

{Thought you was my cuzin but you wasn’t) ahahahaha

Elevate (for the Luvas....)

If I could read your soul
As your kisses whisper life into my spine
As your gentle look controls me
And brings meaning to my mind
And holds long convos about the so-so’s,
The twirling of my hair slow grows, like the rotating of my mind at this time
What you leave behind
Is one such, that is so fine
An impression of a divine, a define…
That you do so well
Whenever you need or may have a sense of it, you should

You could…reminisce
About the mountains and valley lays
Oceans of alley ways we float in
As we
Look to the soul of each other, that I read, I could read
Because I see
What you feel you have mastered around me, we shall see
As I read the pain you endured when you claimed me
And the heartbeat you completed when you found me
This image has become my own…permanently
Of the joy noises I see when I close my eyes
The level you life from me
As I deep so securely
Into a lovelace of untraceable aura
Before me, I have you
Like a transgression of a paintbrush on the eyelids canvas
Like a whirlwind of our worlds that glide
Inside, that speaks through our time
Oh baby, our time
All the rose petals of those left behind
Will fall piece by piece
I still could not release
Not even a crease
Of the completeness
Of the uniqueness
Duo we create…
(Baby You make me)…ELEVATE!

Have You Ever Tried Sleeping With a Broken Heart?

Alicia Keys is playing in my head over and over. Why oh Why? I ask. Anyway, I love the fact that I am so resilient. I may stress for a minute and then it's like "Fuck it!" Times come and go, so do people and so do feelings {sometimes}. I recently received great news, but I don't know what it is yet. I feel a poem coming on soon so I'm about to post that...Make sure u tune in to Twitter {BlackSoulRose}. I will be on here updating more often too, I have definitley been loafing. Either way...make me proud I say to myself and I am never upset. Who can upset yourself more than yourself? I will never let anyone have control over my emotions (outside of my family) unless they are affecting me in a good way. And HE does. EVen if I try to block him out, I have learned how to let my mind and body flow with the thoughts of Him. He deserves it though, and I will give it to him! Either way, life is a never ending chapter book and I added about three chapters just in the last week. I guess you healed my Broken Heart...My blog gives me sanity. Your thoughts give me peace, the Most High gives me serenity and Doves give me compassion. Can you hear me? I feel it and I want you to as well...But you must listen, with your soul....Soul-Evolution (that's the name of the game :)

**Our Morning**

Do You believe you can fly?
I believe we can touch the sky...
But could you see yourself in between my thighs
Your tongue flickers as my nipples rise
Told me to run, but you cant hide
That desire burning on the inside
I would love to go for your little ride
I Invite you to come inside
To a Sacred being, a Sacred place
Filled with my warm elegance, your deepest grace
And I plan for my heart to race
As our bodies share, we make no mistakes

I am,
on a Plateau with you
Thinking of one thing, or maybe a few
Maybe all the things in the stratosphere of being
I wake up with the sunrise
To your chest I am leaning
**Our Morning**

Bounce Wit' Me

Bouncing wit Positive Energy

Okay so today my mood is a little higher. I prayed and I have two upcoming interviews...God is real and oh, so good to me. On the note of positive vibes, I've been getting them all today. I am so glad I ventured off by myself to do things I needed to. Seeing old friends (more like family) was a Great experience...and I love babies. I love puppies and babies, little people in general (not that dogs are babies get me!) So yeah, I am saving up for Miami, Spring Break 2010, it is what it is, and it will be what I make it...Miami here i come..AGAIN! If you don't know then ask. Enough with the play, hard work has to get me where I am going now, can I stay inspired? I know I will. This one is short and sweet..blessings from the Most High fill my heart, then my page...oh, and by the way....Chrisette Michelle took me to another level last night with her music..thanks babes. And thank you babes to my special sweet treat, next time I'm gonna tast your lips sweet GuiltyPleasure I ain't goin' nowhere....


until next time, Peace and Blessings


A New Year means a new trance...a new stance I am taking at life. I wonder why things happen, then I don't really wonder anymore. I know people may call my thoughts far out there, but they are not for the meeks of men. How lonely and cold it can be sometimes. I want to put my life on the lines, the ones {they} read from. I think it would be worth reading? Wouldn't you??

Maybe not because you don't know my struggle. Not economics, like we always say, spiritual struggle. It's here, and it's fighting me to be all I can the best of my ability. DO you think I'm scared?? Hell nah, I can't be. Time can't afford that. I am, who I say I am...If I wasn't, then why would I Say I am...Revolutionary Spiritual Goddess...The original Afrikan Woman...can I get a AMEN!

So I'm moving over...

Thank you if you are reading this, for I had to change locations. I was at another blog site but it wasn't working out right. I had to part ways with them (smile). Nevertheless, after this first post, you will find every other post from my other blog and it will be like we never missed a beat! Let me take this time to introduce myself. I am a starving artist with a positive and creative outlook on life. Nothing intigues me more than a new situation to analyze and express through my artistic abilities. I know that I live life very different from most people. For routine is never the way of life for me (if I can help it) and I try to change it up for new exploration everyday. My greatest challenge now is to test my creative abilities everyday and push myself a little harder than the day before. I rely on my dreams, meditation and prayer messages to guide me through this transformation.

So, this blog will truly be a key, into my inner world. I open it to you and thank you in advance for any feedback, it's ALL appreciated. Poems, thoughts, stories (about life) and non-fiction is what you will find here. The TRUTH is something that I will never again, fear.

**BlackSoulRose** **E&J**