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Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Excerpt from my Novel; "One Night Stand!" ENJOY!! :)

I walked to my car, started it and drove off towards Route 50 toward Annapolis. It wouldn’t take me long to get to the  designated meeting spot.

But had I not whipped back around to Marcelle’s house get my phone charger, I may have been a second too late, or early. The Universe has a funny way of operating sometimes. But in crucial instances, I believe your spiritual guardians strategically place you exactly where you need to be.

I pulled up to the packed Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot driving the Explorer. That was a blessing in disguise since it's very dark tints made me unidentifiable.

What the fuck is she doing here though? I thought.

I saw Alexis Monroe was coming out of the Buffalo Wild Wings, laughing, with a small entourage behind her. I did a double take, although I was sure she hadn’t noticed me. 

How conveniently janky.

I parked the truck in an inconspicuous spot, way in the back of the parking lot. I watched Alexis and her three friends continue to laugh while approaching a black Maxima. One of the girls was dark skinned, with the same height, weight and loc length as Alexis. The other was this girl I recognized from Tetwork. I made sure I kept my eyes on Alexis though; I noticed she was walking at a slower pace. I imagined it was because of the miscarriage incident. I wondered if she came to the restaurant looking for me.

Alexis already knows what the fuck is up man! Fuck she even doing out on the town after she was just complaining about miscarrying a child and all that?

My stomach was on fire, with rage and passion.

And Angel was calling me. Where the fuck had she been this whole time.

Mmm hmm, I wonder if she was inside parlaying with Alexis and the rest of those snake bitches… I hoped not. Angel was supposed to be my genuine friend.

And then I looked over and saw Pierre’s black Expedition pull up, very close to the Maxima. I could hear Gucci Mane’s “Kush is my Cologne” bumping from his speakers.

Damn, how  crazy is this shit here? I thought. I pulled up right on time!

I knew why Alexis' face looked the way it did; Pierre's presence did the same to my expression as well. Her friends got in the Maxima but she stood outside, waiting for Pierre to approach her.

He stepped out of his truck, with a cloud of smoke behind him, and she smiled and swung her locs back a little, feeling herself. He was feeling himself too, he walked up to her with his lips balled, like always.

I saw them embrace and looked on, shaking my head. I couldn’t believe that I just conveniently drove into that shit. It was just supposed to be a humble trip to the Buffalo Wild Wings.

Damn.  I felt myself melt at that moment.

Pierre leaned his lanky body up against the Maxima and she began talking. She was very expressive, using her hands and such. He tilted his head to the side and looked at her with a face of concern.

Angel called my phone again. I pressed ignore and kept my attention focused on Pierre and Alexis.

I read his lips. Damn, true, he said and looked away from her.

She wasn’t facing me, so I couldn’t see what she was saying. I just saw her looking up at him, continuing to move her lips at a rapid pace.

I closed my eyes. I had to calm myself before I stepped out of the truck, being a fool for Love. Was I out of my fucking mind?

I wanted to jump out and spazz on both of them. “What the fuck you doing out here talking to this bitch Pierre?”

I looked down, Robin was calling my phone now. How did she always know exactly when to call me?

Fuck, I thought, getting frustrated. Too much was going on at that moment.

I looked back up, and turned my music down like someone could hear it.

Check this damn girl out.

Alexis had her hands on Pierre’s midsection, caressing him. Pierre let out a laugh but buried his head in his hands.

Nah, don’t hide your face nigga…that’s your damn problem. Always hiding and shit! I said to Pierre in my head.

Then I saw Alexis look down to her stomach, and my stomach reminded me of the foul shit I was into.

And Pierre put his hands were Alexis' were, on her stomach, and began rubbing it a little.

Oh no…

She turned her face to the side with fresh tears in her eyes. My eyes and mouth grew wider.

Ooooh shit, was that his baby? No Pierre! I KNOW you were not that stupid I thought.

I almost moved my truck’s shift gear, flashed the lights, honked the horn…anything to release what I was feeling at the moment. I had to be dreaming, not witnessing the reality in that parking lot.

But when I regained logic, I felt like a real investigative journalist out there. I was in the cut, watching the whole ordeal go down, and nobody knew I was there to see it. Nobody but me.

My face was tight as I sat in my reclined seat. I took a look at my three missed calls again and then Pierre glanced down at his phone too.

After their embrace, Alexis hopped into the front seat of the Maxima and it sped right off. Pierre looked around like he sensed someone watching him before he walked toward the entrance of the restaurant. I had to think fast, I didn’t know what to do right then.

My wired mind doesn’t recollect, but something made me jump silently from the truck, lock the doors and catch up to Pierre’s slow pace. I resisted the urge to privately confront him, so I walked in the restaurant’s door slowly behind him. He still didn’t even notice.

"Black Maaan,” I said out of nowhere, in a sultry tone.

He turned with his eyes wide, and the look on his face was fucking priceless.

“Aww shit…” was all he said. But then he tried to clean it up, “Aww shit, wassup shawty."

He reached for a hug but I declined.

I knew and he knew. Yeah, you fucked up.

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