Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elevated View ...(Earth Angels)

How lovely, my dear.
And sometimes we smile because we know no other thing to do. Other times we smile because, all is true. In flowers and in rainforest dances, Eye see sweet turns of Spring Life. All in--my melanin is calling. Why worry myself with the have-nots of faith and integrity, today and hereafter is about the triumphant ones.

And sometimes, when the sun shines on our consciousness, all we need is a likkle acknowledgement of the bayou crystals that had the deities bring the christening over.

And to smile because, all else in the world will have you frown--a death culture, and one where we are shown to hate our Bredren and Sistren, all Eye shall do is Love. Unconditionally, Eye will love others as the Divine loves me! And bring wrath to those threatening the natural order--tis the natural order of tings!

Earth Angels, are the reason that people still believe. Eye can see all things from an elevated view though. This view is new, and beautiful ad fruitful and....unlike any view Eye have seen. Come into my bosom for healing, my Love. As it always was, it how it should be. And no more worries about what it should be or how it can be--all we do is float in divinity. Let the humans do the bickering. Let the humans be slaves to allusions. Let the humans believe that everything will just BE alright. We, the Earth Angels will make it alright.

                                                                  Praise JAH

And on that day, they sang songs that only angels could hear. And they danced...danced the entire night away. In divinity....