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Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Temptress Tiptoe: An Ode to Black Beauties

"The Art of Integirty, the definition of HERstory, all stories. The make-up of the Universe, our Universe. She is the complexity of all experiences; both joyful and painful. The Earth, Mother Earth, golden-bronzed. Black Woman (Wombman). Love, Wisdom, Divinity."  -Naree Renelle'

"She sits upon her regal throne, surrounded by dynasties of old, Pyraminds are her rings, the STARS, her eyes, And when she speaks, her voice rolls, like THUNDER in the Sky."  -Vernon J. Davis Jr.

The Black Woman's image is everywhere, if you really think about it. Though she may come disguised in many forms (i.e. Caucasian women with thick hair and tans), her image is still the roots for Eternal Beauty. The entire world marvels at her sun-kissed eyes; that ignite a passion in men it takes eons to cool. Her sultry stance, her glowing skin, her untamed natural beauty. Be not deceived, nature comes in all colors and with much variety. But the ripe fruit of Afrika called the Black Woman is the Alpha and Omega of Beauty. Ebony Brown Nubian Bliss Black Roses from the Heavens, She is.

How could you ever question the Creator's Divine Glory when you see the perfection of Creation itself everyday in: the Black Woman.

Oh yeah, we come in ALL types of different colors too. You must embrace every mahogany undertone and vanilla hint. The smoothness of our skin is always as sweet as dark chocolate.

Butter pecan, caramel, honey or cinnamon. Any flavor you savor can be found in the Black Woman. Both literally and figuratively speaking. *wink*      

This beauty is Ancient, not to be confused with the superficial societal view. This beauty is Sacred. As Black Women, Sacred Beauty is one of our powers. Along with Sacred words, Sacred healing, Sacred cooking and Sacred gracefulness. A picture is worth way more words. You can have a look for yourself:

There are so many things Black Woman represent. Through thte times, through the ages. Our Love, Wisdom and Dedication to Society as a whole is timeless. Everything falls under the tree of the seeds of Life.



"Only the Strong go crazy, the weak just go along."  -Assata Shakur (pictured above)

The instant AFROdisiac. This creature is everything that is. Everything that you see is blessed by the Black Woman. Why do you think you find her so irresistible?

Much Love to those that inspire us to Live our Life like it's GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

And on top of EVERYTHING else, our First Lady is a Black Woman. Now how Real is that??

(All Black Everything....Michelle Obama!!)
So Love yourselves Black Women, know that we are the living example of God's shining Glory. And Love us too Black Men, because it is our nature to Love you. When the Black Man understands the Sacred association with the Black Wombman, and the Black Woman learns to yield her power only for the greater good, we will then we re-ignite the flame of Black Love.


ATTENTION: Fellas....and females. Pictured above is neither a "Bitch" nor a "Hoe." Please stop using these names to describe us. And ladies, we must stop responding to these titles and using them amongst ourselves. Rise Up!

Finding the God-blessed feminine energy essence within myself is the driving factor behind such a post. I hope you enjoyed and hope you will be back. The only place we have to go is up...toward the Sky Mother. Love always, Naree' Renelle