Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When Love is in the feels like whispering in the wind.
I don't just speak of love between ancient lovers, but love from the Source.
When you show me love, through hugs, glances, comments and energy,
Love from my brothers and sisters overwhelms me, I feel so priveleged to feel what you have for me.
If I could repay you millions fold, I would, I will.

Love is a four-letter word that holds the dimensions to creation itself. The human mind cannot even begin to grow on the concept of love, not even an ounce of the cup the Creator has poured for you, for us.
I feel so much love in the air, and I have to share this with you. My last post dealt with some anxiety, so this is to neutralize and cool out the situation.

" the only reason. And my ultimate goal."

With LOVE, I feel I can accomplish the impossible, I feel I can grow into a Spiritual Goddess, with limitless wings. I feel that angels can sing to wake me in the morning, I feel that I can hear their whispers as I talk quietly to you in a corner.

The rivers that flow, the oceans that grow with time and eternity, are mirrors of the love most of us lack. The time is now, my fear and doubt shadow the meeks but I, I stand alone, and I fight this war...Soldier of Love.

Soldier for Love, I have known many allies and my troops grow stronger everyday. The birds, the lakes, the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the plants, the trees and the flowers. The Black. Black is LOVE.

I equate water to love because water is, a feminine conscienceness. A feminine aspect that creates love in all of us. Your first love is signified through the relationship with your mother. And then, all other relationships form from there. Many of us are missing that fundamental piece. So go back, and find that love in your mother if you have lost it. That is the source, that is the water, that is..the LOVE.

Black river, rain down on me. Shower me with the love of Creation, the love used for sedation, the love of temptation, no forbidden fruits. For nothing in this world is forbidden by you and I. Sweet ginger roots and lullaby pies. My Black Love. My Black Love.

I wait for you in the depths of the streams of alleys that fall from skies and windows from buildings. For you are with me, always with me. From ancient soil to industrialization...Love is the only fertilization.

So, may we plant these seeds together. Black Love, meant to last forever. Black Love, my brother, my sister. Black LOVE.

My Love, Your Love, Our Black Love.....LOVE BLACK.....and I will always love you back.