Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Raspy voice to match my Sashay

This Book...

(my first novel)

Is my Life right now

Because I once made Love to her always, with no breaks in between
But other parts of Life took over

Here He comes...(smile), and even some she's.     Goddesses that you insist on denying.

Anyway, I am grateful for the opportunity to present my heart to you...that's what keeps me motivated and stabilized. It's a roller coaster ride to watch it come together, but it's all worth it. It's a process that is making me stronger.

It's alot more than I thought it would be. It takes alot more of myself than I ever intended...but it's a great and wonderful feeling. A certain high I have that lets me know that I am doing what my heart desires.

When you beat to the rhythm of your own drum...Life aligns beautifully.

I am Naree' Renelle...Afiyana...Black Hennessy...BlackSoulRose...E&J....Woman of many names. I have many talents...and seducing you (with or without language) is one of them. You should know this, and believe.

But here I am style-freeing again...I am

I just feel like my Life is like poetry in motion...forgive me if I believe in devotion

Deep blue oceans, marinades made of seashells and lover's sweat....can you hear me?

I hear moans and beautiful kisses at sunrise, at sunset. Especially when it's wet...outside. (Laugh)
When the Earth is damp with her own juices flowing from the skies that she makes Love to, our bodies too should be in motion of a Loved one. In the Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Habitual or...all of the above type of ways.

Raspy voice to match my sashay...
Here I am writing my heart out for this...I deserve it

You deserve to hear my story...I was born for this. I promise you. It's something I feel in my's something I won't and can't and don't want to get over because it is me...all a part of me.

When I really think about how this book came my Destiny saw it and imagined it and grew with it in real Life right before my eyes...I knew it was something special.

If this post doesn't reach one person...(it probably won't...most people think I am soooo spaced out there LOL) or if it only reaches you...know that this is my hard work. I can't throw it away on anything. And anything that is mine is worth fighting for.

I fight for my Freedom...for my country...for my Family most importantly...and for my independence everyday. This is who I am. I just believe in...everything that believes in me too. Complex woman I know...but to know me, is to Love me. I Love me.

I Am...

Woman of many names...damp with the Earth's rain...Paradise. The waters of my spine are quenched when you come it not Love...or a figment of my mind. Are you here with me?


Yes...this and so much more can be answered in this book. Be not afraid of metaphysics, it's who we are...naturally. I love you.

Tomorrow is not promised but let's promise that we will look forward to it. With Love in our hearts and sweetness in our sashays...Women can heal the world. We can start by healing our male counterparts.

(Black Man, know I always and forever eternally Love you Baby! *3 winks* Oooow!)

Save Black is...everything that IS.