Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Anytime that Eye have expressed myself, Eye come up short. Perhaps Eye fall too hard, too fast, or perhaps Eye go for broken men. Whatever the case--this is the reality today.

And though Eye used to run from Love, hide myself deep in the depths of uncertainty, and not take risks, Eye am changing. Though Eye may not meet you on your path exactly where you are, Eye am grand and Eye am now unafraid to express how Eye feel. Win, lose or draw, Eye still win. A lesson is always a blessing.

And today, Eye take the time to recognize all of the Love that has been shown, Love that Eye did not recognize, the Love Eye denied--the Love denied from me, and it's still all good. And as an ever-moving Spirit, Eye must grant myself the sanity to know that it is going to be okay. Eye have hurt, loved, laughed, cried and shared myself with plenty of instances that Eye wish Eye could reverse, at the time, but Eye will not, because they all make the pieces of me.

A man cannot define me--but Eye indeed define him. A man is defined by the woman that he chooses because it is SHE that brings that Love out of that man. To love a man, a Black man especially; a Supreme Being, is a heavy burden on most occasions, but, Eye wonder if it is worth it.

Eye like my space to myself--and Eye do want someone to talk to, be with, hold on lonely nights, go out and have fun and build something with, but this is not anything that can be rushed or related to inconsistency. Love is free-flowing, but, blind love is not love, at all, because Love, in my eyes, is absolute truth. And absolute truth has no substitution-either it is, or it isn't.

So, with this New Moon (Feb. 10th), Eye let it all go. Eye let go of the pain, the lies, the man who Karma will have such a wild time with, and everything from my past holding me hostage. Eye cried, Eye breathed, and it felt all good. So Eye say, to anyone who has pain or may relish in the fact that Eye do--pray, for yourself. Pray for the healing of the World, pray for lost Souls and bitter hearts--because, only Love will prosper. No matter what baby, Love will always prosper.

In Prosperity Eye send Peace, Naree'