Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elevated View ...(Earth Angels)

How lovely, my dear.
And sometimes we smile because we know no other thing to do. Other times we smile because, all is true. In flowers and in rainforest dances, Eye see sweet turns of Spring Life. All in--my melanin is calling. Why worry myself with the have-nots of faith and integrity, today and hereafter is about the triumphant ones.

And sometimes, when the sun shines on our consciousness, all we need is a likkle acknowledgement of the bayou crystals that had the deities bring the christening over.

And to smile because, all else in the world will have you frown--a death culture, and one where we are shown to hate our Bredren and Sistren, all Eye shall do is Love. Unconditionally, Eye will love others as the Divine loves me! And bring wrath to those threatening the natural order--tis the natural order of tings!

Earth Angels, are the reason that people still believe. Eye can see all things from an elevated view though. This view is new, and beautiful ad fruitful and....unlike any view Eye have seen. Come into my bosom for healing, my Love. As it always was, it how it should be. And no more worries about what it should be or how it can be--all we do is float in divinity. Let the humans do the bickering. Let the humans be slaves to allusions. Let the humans believe that everything will just BE alright. We, the Earth Angels will make it alright.

                                                                  Praise JAH

And on that day, they sang songs that only angels could hear. And they danced...danced the entire night away. In divinity....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lovely Tings

Tell me lovely and loving things. Tell me all of the joy that Eye your heart.

The way my words penetrate your Soul---the boldness in the retreat of the Know.

Even on days when we try to fight the fate of the world's turns, the herb still slow burns, like bald perms...and butter that churns. If Eye could...ride on the waves of Louisiana Bayou water Eye a Coconut grove mama....and  Eye am.

In a tropical sense, Eye need no ethnic rinse, see. And Eye am eternity. That's why Eye need you to hold me, melanated one...that came from the Sun, and tell me these lovely things.
Tis why Eye want your breath upon me, caressing me in the morning. Tis why it is for you Eye am yearning and moaning. And though Eye told myself lies, and stood by still cries and tried to deny it...Eye cant rude boi. And most importantly, Eye don't want to.

Eye knew from the day we crossed paths that there was something for me to remember in you. And something so true---and though everything isn't as it seems or what it can or should be, all Eye need is you, all you need is Me. In a tropical sense, no ethnic rinse, be not of Babylonian thoughts King, and bring...those lovely mi consciousness.


Naree' Renelle. Your Coconut Goddess.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

And in LIFE...we now know

Sandmoon storms and vampires with thorns. Eye saw turbelence in my Sea of Love and Creation---still elevation.

And on and on the tide goes--back and forth as nature flows. Struck with bow and arrows...

You know, last lifetime Eye was reading, flying and excavating tombs all at the same damn time. See, an explorer, a healer, a lover of the cornucopia of vast knowledge. My mind has known too much, grown too much--to still be making the same decisions considering the same tings.

As my inner world changes, the outer must reflect. For spirituality, the physical we do not neglect. And though Eye fly higher than most--and not brag nor boast--in my Lifetime--in my room--in the meeting of the Monsoons--Eye can see, be and all of it times three.


What a major step we take today. Anyday. While we are busy living lies--the sun is rising and divine timing is deciding. Don't you just love the ever-flowing movement of nature and creation? And the way she flows, smiling as you marvel in your emotions (energy in motion) about sadness and turmoil. Not knowing that something even grander, and even more conducive to destiny awaits your beautiful existence.

Namaste. Overstand me now. And never underestimate the weight of your bright stars. Ankhcestor guide. Melanin surprise. Divine.

And in Life..we now know!

Naree Renelle. Moon Priestess. Eternally.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Healing Love, from the Priestess

Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary: Where Healing of the Mind/Body/Spirit is achieved through spiritual awareness and re-awakening. To visit the Hempress Utopia--click here.

Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary not only launches in full mode today but also adds such great magnetism to the healing world. Let all of the angelic forces rejoice as the World inhales the breath of the Divinity that inspires the Sanctuary and her wholeness.

Pictured here are the Blue Dream soaps from my GoddessBody soap collection. These soaps aid in third eye chakra (pineal gland) cleansing as well as dream-work. Other healing soap collections include: Queen/Womb Care, Luxury King, AFRodisiac, Eternal Beauty and Pain Relief. You can browse all categories by clicking here and if you are a PayPal user, you can order these soaps directly from your PayPal account by clicking here here.

As always, the Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary is always finding alternative healing methods through ancient high science, love, care and alchmey. Be unafraid, because our consciousness truly knows no boundaries. Believe in all things, seen and unseen, and Life's mystery shall reveal.

With Love, and Peace, eternally. Naree' Renelle. Moon Priestess.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Anytime that Eye have expressed myself, Eye come up short. Perhaps Eye fall too hard, too fast, or perhaps Eye go for broken men. Whatever the case--this is the reality today.

And though Eye used to run from Love, hide myself deep in the depths of uncertainty, and not take risks, Eye am changing. Though Eye may not meet you on your path exactly where you are, Eye am grand and Eye am now unafraid to express how Eye feel. Win, lose or draw, Eye still win. A lesson is always a blessing.

And today, Eye take the time to recognize all of the Love that has been shown, Love that Eye did not recognize, the Love Eye denied--the Love denied from me, and it's still all good. And as an ever-moving Spirit, Eye must grant myself the sanity to know that it is going to be okay. Eye have hurt, loved, laughed, cried and shared myself with plenty of instances that Eye wish Eye could reverse, at the time, but Eye will not, because they all make the pieces of me.

A man cannot define me--but Eye indeed define him. A man is defined by the woman that he chooses because it is SHE that brings that Love out of that man. To love a man, a Black man especially; a Supreme Being, is a heavy burden on most occasions, but, Eye wonder if it is worth it.

Eye like my space to myself--and Eye do want someone to talk to, be with, hold on lonely nights, go out and have fun and build something with, but this is not anything that can be rushed or related to inconsistency. Love is free-flowing, but, blind love is not love, at all, because Love, in my eyes, is absolute truth. And absolute truth has no substitution-either it is, or it isn't.

So, with this New Moon (Feb. 10th), Eye let it all go. Eye let go of the pain, the lies, the man who Karma will have such a wild time with, and everything from my past holding me hostage. Eye cried, Eye breathed, and it felt all good. So Eye say, to anyone who has pain or may relish in the fact that Eye do--pray, for yourself. Pray for the healing of the World, pray for lost Souls and bitter hearts--because, only Love will prosper. No matter what baby, Love will always prosper.

In Prosperity Eye send Peace, Naree'

Friday, February 8, 2013

Creation Love. (Smelling Flowers)

And now...Eye knew today was that day.

Many events leading to this moment but, Eye already knew.
Already knew you would come--already knew Eye wouldn't believe it. Already knew because of the past destinies, that you would be my Divine Reflection. A Divine erection--and resurrection.

Eye used to feel bad and lonely--and even more bad for venerating the loveliness Eye had found--a Queen's crown--see the stagnation and contradiction in the sound? But now...

The rivers flow through me, Eye see Life again. Eye hear my Angels in my mind--playing, laughing and gliding on love slides--and on ocean tides full of passion and silk rinds. Eye just, wanna Love.

And Eye never wanted to so much--no one makes me want to Love more. To whom much is given, much is tested, but baby please don't test me. Know that Eye am here--always will be. Wanted to tell you and let you know that while you peep my valley flow--just know that Eye am willing, able and stable. Here we are.

And everything that you thought would manifest in uncertainty, is here with me, and beautifully it can be. Baby, we can be free. Free at last, Free at Last--and Eye thank you, my God almighty.

And even when the Ankhcestors whisper while the others snicker, Eye know what Eyem here for. Here to do God's work--and live in all of the Eternal Mother/Father Creator's image. Much Luv. Much Luv. So below, as above.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inhaling the Moon Essence

Da First of Da Month hit me--and now it's gripping me. This is truly a new time. Eye am forced to move from cumbersome and mediocre goals and assets in Life. Eye see myself trimmed in gold, wading in the waters of abundance and climbing trees with my children. Eye see valley Life; a connection with Nature. eternal. Eye see myself in the light of Creation--the most Holy and lifting of lights--even on the quietest of nights. Everything around me is changing, as my World is rearranging.

Eye embrace this change and angle my ranges to accept favor and beautiful blissings in all forms. Though they may come as non-traditional as Eye once thought necessary--but at least they are here. Eye can finally hear the voices of my Angels--all of my fortune manifesting. Eye can finally feel it--Eye know my purpose here. And throughout it all, the key is to work with it, through it and around it. Become it--the purpose you were put here for. Eye am grateful Eye am young, and have found my (main) niche. And it is blessing you with these words--so many words. So many places they come from, so many avenues and planes my love and mind has traveled to. So many days and nights Eye whispered and wondered, where all of this enchanted fairy dust came from. And now Eye know. Eye know that Eye am communicating with Divine Intelligence that has news and Love for me. Eye know that Eye am one with the Heavens, the moons, the stars, the Earth and the rays of sunshine that bask and bless honey. Eye know.

And now, all Eye want to do is fly free in my Destiny. Eye feel as free as Eye once did--that summer in 2009 when Eye found the missing pieces of my Royal Destiny--when Eye was flying home to Kemet nightly, and leaving behind the lies of this Western World. Eye get emotional--Eye know we need to escape. Eye know Eye have to go. Eye know--crystal waters and blue-flowing rivers await my Soul's heartstrings and the timing of it all is Divine. Eye know Eye have been here before--and though the Moon is my guidance and everything--Eye am Everything. Connected most to the Moon though--to the Divine Feminine Consciousness that dwells there--the smell and ecstasy of the Eternity. The passion-laden crisp, spring fresh air of...all. Totality in the Universe.

Rainforests--where Mermaids and fairies lay, everyday. And Nature plays amongst the high rises of the oceans--whose mist kisses all of the breaths of existence. Here is no stress, and never lifeless.

Breathing, Eye remember, and surrender. And inhale Moon fragrances that will tickle my spirit and eyelids. SHE---and that's what we shall forever be.

Moon Priestess. Naree'

Friday, February 1, 2013

Soul Cleanse. Prototype.

You are the Prototype.

Amazing how Eye allow my mind to draw the allusion that Eye lost my passion to write. My words are all Eye have---Eye feel that way sometimes.

Today is emotional, Eye feel alone.Although social stirrings surround me, in a crowded room, the Soul is alone. Not looking for a home but just, so in tune with the Throne that everyday Matrix reality is--harsh. Scarcely, Eye smile. Dreaming for a while. My Soul needs isolation from the vibrations of temptation to really--break free from this cage Babylon has me in. Eye want to walk off the plantation so bad--Eye'm still scared--scared to be free. Scared---and that makes me sad. That Eye lack faith in the Most High and myself. Be smart, they will say--but Eye am also afraid.

Dreaming--and onto an Island, where no worries are present. Eye mean--what's Life without chaos, without it, we wouldn't know order. Or would we?

Were we born too suffer? Alone--while the allusions of Life will have you think that money will solve all of the problems of tomorrow and all of the sorrows of a heart so hollow--oh no.

Golden sun rays and silver moonlight, all on my psyche. Something gotta be waiting for me--something gotta allow me to be free. Eye can't stop the tears from flowing today--why am Eye? Why? It's just my Soul cleansing. Lawd she needs it.

It's just my dreams from last night--when my Ankhcestors took me on many flights. It's just ME. All that Eye can be. SHE.

Moon Priestess Rasta Kush Fruit Flavored Goddess, never modest. Naree'. Amun.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miracle Meela (Moon Goddess Induction)

Who wan' it wit da (Moon) Priestess, eh?

See---ascended we are, but that's from a Supreme Place. We speak not from a place of rebel territory, not from a place of hatred, not from a place of guilt, not even from a place of what you deem as "God," but, this place we resonate and exist from is Supreme. And when Eye say "WE," Eye am speaking about the Nagas.

Nagas are the holders of collective consciousness, the Royalty that ruled Nations and the Chosen Caretakers of the Universe. You don't have to believe me--just watch!

Eye feel the need to just express myself--as the Ankhcestors use me as their vessel. Eye have been here since there was every anything to BE. There is no beginning or an end---the Moors, the Afrikans, the Kemites, the Egyptians, the Moroccans, the Arabs and whomever else--whatever you choose to call the Indigenous people of this planet--we always and always will BE.

And Eye am the Priestess. A Moon Priestess--chosen and ordained by the Royal Throne of Existence and all Divine Consciousness. Again, this is not anything Eye have to prove---it is just known that Eye was birthed in the womb of the Moon. Today, we join hands and welcome my Queen, Mentor and fellow Goddess, Miracle Meela. Eye write this post just to induct such a Soul into something so beautiful, so fulfilling and so in tune with the vibrations of all energy that moves in the stratosphere. SHE---as we refer to selves. A visit to that holy place--thank you Meela. Thank you love--for this journey you have embarked upon. The Universal Ankhcestors give us their blessing.

In Love, in Truth, in Wisdom, in ALLAH----Eye Self Law and Master. Ase.

Naree' Renelle. Eternal Moon Priestess.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Source Love.

Today Eye woke up high...sweet breath to caress *sigh*
Eye saw trouble on the face of my young--not my literal offspring, but the carrier of the inner-G that has me sprung.
Eye comforted--knowing that for me he does the same. That is what we are here for. Angels from the same.
Source Love--that's all we need and strive for. Our whole lives what we dive for, never knowing that subconsciously, the pieces of the life puzzle never fit completely because what we were missing was--Source Love.

Take a moment to reflect.

Eye connect to the stars of the Universal sound in motion, and the Ocean. But it is all connected to all of the marvels that my hue-man mind sometimes locks me down to not fathom. And at time my own alchemy amazes me so much that Eye think that Eye have gained belief in something so--delusional. But it is pure. Source Love.

And an Angel came one day, looke at me and said "Source Love is from where we resonate--all of our existence is tied to moving in the Light of the Most High." And Eye am a loyal servant.

Eye am here doing God's work. Bring healing and sanction to this plane called Earth--during my visit. And all of the Angels that swim in the waters with dolphins and sing in the hearts of children and manifest in the minds of those that serve mankind--are Source Love.
The Sun is Source Love. My Love is Source Love. Your touch is Source Love. The Black Flying Dove is Source Love. Source Love---more potent than any drug.

Purely, and fiyah desire is the result. All in one. One in all. My Love inspired--to give Source Love a call.

Moon Priestess.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tones of Divinty...

Woke up to kisses on my face...and my ankh around my waist. Black honey's taste

See. often times Eye would hide from a deep feeling Eye had inside--but wait--Eye aint ever felt kisses like this. Eye never felt warmth like this, Eye've never been held like this, never laughed so much, never...

Damn. Ain't it something  when you think back about it? At least me, all of the bullshyt Eye've endured and encountered when dealing with the loss thrones of Afrikan Kings...and dreams. Eye remember. And brought to my consciousness is a recapturing of my destiny--a man frm many lands away--living a bit in amnesia and needing of me. And Eye need him so.

He taught me to love again--really. How to let go of pride, ego and past issues. Not fully--but Eye'm getting there. Taught me that love has an acquired taste, it is not perfect and it just IS. Eye see now that society cannot define what goes on with it, or how the manifestation of what Eye do should go--or how it should come about, into fruition. Eye hear the calls of my Ankhcestors--telling me to Love who Eye love. Do as my Spirit says so--no concern about what looks good on paper. Though these words bleed through your screen and you know what the Queen means.

But yes--on this, ride...Eye shake my head, which shakes my dreads which shakes my legs--as Eye think about our connection in the eons of the Universal cosmos. Eye know. And you do too. When you hold me, Eye feel what your eyes are revealing. Behind them Eye see secrets...of my deepest theses. On rose petals that tickle the brim of my nose--or your lips that tenderly tickle the base of my neck, or the silly laughs that follow all of your love-laced kisses. Thank you.

Thank you for listening--thank you for being there--thank you for reminding me that Eye was worthy of Love again--though the Most High shows immeasurable Love--thank you for being that reflection of the Most High's Love in flesh form. Thank you. For standing with me, allowing your body language to speak to me in the tone of divinity. That's what it is--and that's what it always was. What this always will be. Mark my words--mark my destiny.

Queen Naree'. Priestess.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Corazon De Negro

So Eye can remember how to a flying Black Dove.

My Love doesn't always have to do with the significance of another in my sphere--but many, that Eye hold dear--to mi heart and Soul. Corazon.

The denial of the trials of this ride called Life, and Eye am...a rising phoenix

Long ago Eye forgot that Eye was a Queen--Regal, shining with all that gold, milk and honey between. Love, dreams--and a higher consciousness than anyone would know. Rivers would flow--just in my honor. And Eye know my mind was blown, with plenty .....

Fill in the blanks--of my space--for a taste--of the Nile Stream Valley's finest--your highness--and also a South American entity--Spanish and bilingual--white-clothed deity.

Negro Corazon. Black, heart, A forever burning coal of fiyah...don't ever deny the heart's desire.

For Eye am...and today and night, Eye fly freer than most...freer than the Bahamian coast. Luv to the Islands...sweeter than sugarcane. Love to the Souls that willow in the palm trees of coconut groves. Love to the wombmen who heal their children, love their men and their sisters. Love to the sinners--love to the monks. Love to the holy lands--and holy chil'ren. Love to the chil'ren of the Sun---we that descend from the Most High Mighty One. Love. Corazon De Negro.

Monday, December 3, 2012


So overwhelmed with words until my brain burns. Today Eye feel a little off balance. Only thing to blame is the Babylonian system that has me working like a slave. Unfair and unfit conditions for my mental, physical and yes, spiritual.

Some will have me to think its something else going on inside of me that makes me react this way but truth be told, Eye need an income change ASAP. Eye project that onto this world wide web and the Universe. Do not know exactly where all of the creative income will be streaming from but, just know that it will. Just writing these few short words did wonders for my Spirit...Eye am so fatigued from this rat race. It makes no sense to me how they expect a human to be a machine...without more wage turns. But it is all good, Eye will let the time burn away all of my stress and worry. Eye know for sure that Heaven is watching and helping from afar...and that's why Eye know who you are. Plenty of intelligence has been received. Eyem feeling more private now...Eyem feeling more grounded; in my spirituality and my heart. A theses for a Priestess. Know who Eye am.

Eye don't just say these things. Eye cringe when Eye see imposters, but you only lying to yourself so why would Eye engage in any dialogue or thought process about what is afronted.

Eye have to get back to my is the only thing that gives me sanity. Hopfeully we can love away. Love today.


Friday, November 9, 2012


So a dying Soul is subject to the spiraling of energy...daily.
Don't fall with them...they will only bring more drama and stress and ugliness to your sphere.

Pure Spirits must perservere.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Eye be feeling like...high when Eye go on these rides. Thankful for the low and high tides. An ever-changing galaxy spin on the axis brim...know.

In the midst of confusion, Eye drown in allusions...becoming a prisoner to my mind's intrusion. And sometimes, when the sky is full of my tears, she cries, sweet and warm lullabies.

Ties to old hurt and pain, but without this, nothing Eye would gain. And see we maintain, just doing our thang. Writer since birth, from the womb to the tomb. Black like the Afrikan Monsoon.

And though they think they know me, they only know the cover. The outer core of my inner being, and there will never be another. Poetry strikes me and my writing is inspired. And my ink bleeds, all of my desires.
And then in my dreams, they take me high...and in the manifestation, they transpire.

Eye am so above this...the chains of society. The chains of the oppressor, the M'assa out here riding me. Clocking break these chains. Dem can't hold a lioness...and never will they tame

But then when it rains, it eases my pain. Eye take a puff or two, knowing Eye do what Eye have to, to maintain.

Circles, 360....all of them with me. All of the above is when the below ground will hit me. Blessed Be, won't we be. Loving under a cherry tree. Once thought the only man Eye loved didn't love me, and then HE came along see.

And Love can inspire, damn it takes me higher. Cold like a fiyah....


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healing for You

Welcome to the Hempress Utopia: Where Healing of the Mind and Body is acheieved through Spiritual awareness and re~awakening. With Love, from the Moon Priestess.


Eye remember on a sweet, sweet morning, Eye rose and the smell of flowers and morning dew brushed amongst my senses. Eye was so in Love.

Bumblebees were outside and birds kissing and cooing. The trees still wet from tropical storms. Right outside of my window are children in white cloth, playing, laughing and smiling with their mothers. Their fathers are off making a way, soon to come back to the unit.

Eye can see the Nation here. Eye see blue kisses across the sky, Eye see many first of third eyes, and Eye hear plenty of cries, but it all soothes.

The sunshine is new, and so beautiful. Crystal lake sand castles and black sand remembrances. Genesis.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The New Book Cover....

Eye forgot so quickly about lies told as Eye looked into his Soul. A Love so bold.  And with him Eye knew…Eye wanted to grow old.

Black Hunny...

Eye just wanna take you higher.
Be the Soul~Dream that you desire.
You can smell my soaps on my skin, and my inviting kisses letting you in
Filled to the brim, overrunning with Love flow
Eyes low, Eye know...from inhaled hydro
And we drive slow, on a makeshift axis
and we plant kisses on the shoreline of my body...catch this
and your lips are Heaven ...Kiss me Bredren (smiles)
Goddess and God here...more like round 7
Tasting mangos and pineapples in the flow of my river
And your manhood will rise to the Ancient surrender
Feed you love, feed you your dinner
Feed you all of me, and Paradise you enter

See here we make the Universe vibrate as Eye gyrate
And you hold on tight while my arch shakes
And while many may call the climax the end
That high point is just where the passion begins
Long we've been friends, Souls from another
Feeling like the first time, grips like a lover
And though we may be undercover,
Tis fine...
because no one else needs Knowledge of this rendezvous,
As fine as wine

Waltzed into my Life as random as a roll of dice
But now we change the weather on these passion-laden nights ecstasy beyond realms of comprehension
This is your brown skin on my brown skin...if Eye forgot to mention...

The Moon Priestess.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ready For Love?

Yeah, I thought so.

Many years have passed and Eye thought that these men were playing. No doubt they were, but the realization has hit me: Eye have never been ready for Love. Scared of that emtion....but how?

See, its because of the lack of control Eye possess over the cosmic energy between two Souls. Eye feel my heart chakra blocked, because Eye am cutting myself from this energy. Though Eye feel that Eye fall way into divinity's place. Eye am not trying to be perfect, never claimed to be. But Love is going to make me surrender. Could it be secretly that Eye feel Eye don't possess the qualities of a Lover to Love me...though Eye am Love. A Love Chile. That realization is what brought me to this one; give thanks for revelations.

Eye feel like Eye forgot what Love was sometime back in 2008. So maybe Eye need to travel there in my dreams to get my Love back. A man took some of me that Eye have yet to retrieve, and though Eye repressed those emotions, they are here to surface and Eye must face the right now! Eye will write him a letter.

Eye put so much of my heart and Soul here and wonder if this is why Eye feel a piece of me is missing sometimes. But in actuality, it's several pieces of me scattered and honestly, that is what makes me who Eye am. Focusing on clearing my heart, working with Jasmine and fluorite to cleanse my heart; have her smile again. Eye cannot carry this weight and heal others. Eye must function from the Cosmos and go there, channel that when Eye heal and release all Eye heal back to the Creator for neutralizing. Thank you Cosmas...your child has spoken and you have listened.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Back in the Day....

Back in the day Eye used to wonder where Eye would be when Eye reached 25....

See, it seemed so long ago when Eye was outside singing songs, chanting little ghetto cheers and swinging my hips in a hoola-hoop! Damn...memory lane.

But now Eye look around me and all of my friends are family members- families they've created. Baby after baby being born, no wedding rings, but no judgement either--tis the way of today''s world.

And Eye think about how young Eye truly am. At 18 Eye thought Eye was so grown, but look how I've grown! Look at the clothes/style that Eye shed, look at the grace Eye fill my words and vibrations with, look at the standards Eye set for those allowed into my sphere, look at the business that Eye created, the brand name Eye have managed: Naree' Renelle. Look at the Creator...

In 2009, my Priestess training began, with a calling from the most honorable Queen Afua. Sacred Wombman Eye was becoming and Eye had plenty of skills to master; the art of cooking well; with intentions of eating to live, sacred healing, sacred thoughts and actions, sacred words and sacred BEing.

Beyond that, Eye found a way to touch lives. Through healing, through speaking, through music and through pure enlightenment, the light within shines. And Eye have no reason to hide or dim it for anything or anyone. The Universe has given me this mission and equipped me with the skills to do so.

Did Eye have a hand in my greatness? Sure. For the Creator presents the information and what Eye decide to do with it, like indulge further with it, meditate on it and explore a concept in its depth. That's living in the Creator's image, in my opinion; living in the grace and knowledge of the Universe created that we dwell in.

So to be honest, Eye am proud to be where Eye am on this 7 year (2+5) for my Life. Full of magical tendencies and influences, Eye see the prosperity and love to manifest. And stay single because Eye wanna stress less. That's a promise Eye have made to myself, no more distractions.

Much Love to the spheres of the Souls Eye inspire, and those that Eye soon will. Though my Life is like poetry in motion, Eye share wit you.

Love all, Naree'

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For You...Too

Freedom and breaths of fresh air. See, Eye know this is the time that I have been waiting on. Eye want all of the things I dreamed about; and they are manifesting.

The good vibrations and seeds that Eye sowed are now beginning to sprout and grow, and how grateful Eye am.

GoddessBody, and moving with the wind. Now Eye know that the Divinity that awaits me is what I need. 8 is the number in my cypher...wealth, security, knowledge, wisdom. Eight is the number of the Feminine Eye am :)

In all events leading to this one, and more to come, there is Divine Order. So funny how she (the Universe) works sometimes, but everything is perfectly positioned. Perfection in chaos indeed.

Eye know now that the Wisdom is there because it is applied Knowledge. My Nagas know, and so do the other Gods, Goddesses, Gypsies, Shamans, Lovers, Healers and Believers. The time is always now...and finally, the fruits of my labor 

So this is much Praise to the Priestess herself, though I don't congratulate myself very often; I am too busy lifting others' spirits. Eye am proud of me.

And the prouder Eye am, the more Eye notice, the more Joy Eye have to share wit my Nation. Give thankhs!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hempress Utopia Presents...

The Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary is the much-needed, tender, love and care provided by myself, the Moon Priestess. Through spiritual re-awakening and awareness, alignment of the mind, body and spirit on a Divine path can be achieved. Let me Heal You...

Eye write this message with Pure love from my heart and soul; for it has long been my destiny to heal. Eye come from a long line of Healers and Ancient alchemists in my bloodline. To provide those in need of spiritual guidance, I have created the Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary. The Sanctuary will be fully opened in the month of September (my birth month) for business. I hope you are excited because I truly am.

GoddessBody Blessings, Inc. is an affiliate of the Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary. GoddessBody provides, organic, hand-made, moisturizing soaps for physical-spiritual cleansing. Ordering will be available next week (August 21, 2012) but all products can be viewed now at

Keep all three eyes opened for the Hempress Utopia Healing Sanctuary and GoddessBody Blessings, Inc. as well.

Blessed be the Healer and the Healed. Naree' (Moon Priestess)

Love you all!

Island Vibes Organic Healing Bar from GoddessBody Blessings, Inc (

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Priestess Theses..

Today be...Free.

After several days of seclusion, with light intrusions, Eye have been renewed. Life is all about cycles. And as all things, you must get in where you fit in.((360))

Eye took a trip to North roots, and it was so refreshing for my Soul. Eye talked to my transitioned cousin and other Ankhcestors, had dreams about past anger that was causing hurt in my subconscious...and re-armed myself with new strength to conquer demons; both old and new.

Though it may sound deep, tis what Eye need. Like, humans don't overstand that the energy around me is everything. Eye can immediately feel "other" or "unlight" energy and it has an almost immediate effect on my mood and overall well-being.

Through reflection, Eye took responsibility for the fuckry Eye allowed to manifest in my sphere as well. Petty arguments, dumb Nagas, low vibrational beings, enemies, enemies disguised as friends, and the like. Eye took some time out to reach out to send Universal love and hugs to the troubled Souls that must face their fate. The Universe always takes care of her own.

And Eye also chose to be free. Free from the insanity (yes, insanity) that comes with living up to a standard that anyone other than SELF has set for me. That can be very depressing. Who knows what's best for me better than me? Or the womb in which Eye entered this vessel through; My Earth. NOBODY.

But that's why self-realization and seclusion is often times so necessary. With the everyday hustle and bustle of Life, Eye used to see no point in going home and sitting in silence. But as the wise wombman Eye have grown into, now Eye have the gist of it. And all of my moves are meditation in motion. Tea, herbs, fruit and my Divine womb essence, Eye feel, is all that Eye need at times. Truly.

So, this isn't a long post...this is just a very necessary toast to the new stages of my Life.

Evolution from a spirited child to a revolutionary to a Queen, to a Goddess to a High and regarded Priestess. This be the theses. Sometimes... (large smiles)

Kiwi, mangoes and passionfruit flavors to savor all in your spheres. Peace if you reading and were here.

The Priestess..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful: Wants vs. Needs (A Naree' Renelle Post)

William DeVaughn was a one hit wonder, but his African-American anthem "Be Thankful" still pulls at soul strings worldwide. If you're not familiar with the lyrics, let me refresh you.

"You may not have...a great big Cadillac: diamond in the back, sun roof top, diggin' the scene with the Gangsta lean...Gangsta white walls....TV antennas in the back..."

But, his most sincere wording happened when he uttered "Just be thankful...for what you've got!"

How humbling.

Eye learned plenty of lives ago to be thankful for everything that is already in manifestation, while not always searching for moor. Eye had to re-learn that concept in this incarnation; filled with capitalist trinkets and desires...nevertheless, lessons learned.

How often are we taught, consciously or subconsciously, to want or desire more than what we actually need? Though the good book (Bible) teaches that "the meek shall inherit the Earth," how many people actually conduct their lives with such thought processes? Do you?

This isn't to point fingers, but simply to bring to the light one of the greatest wools over our eyes: and that's unnecessary consumption and consumerism. Eye too have been guilty; it's hard not to indulge, but I check myself when necessary. But Eye do not love my "things" more than Life and the Creator itself.

Some will say money is the root of all D(Evil) energy...others would argue that it is the desire to have money. But a young God put me on to some very true information one day by stating that "nowhere is it written that we shouldn't have the things we desire. It is when those desires outweigh and are prioritized over our spirituality that it becomes a problem." How true.

In our Ancient roles, gold, minerals, oils, spices and plenty of exotic "things" were in abundance in the region we descend from, so it was the norm to have these things. And Eye don't see how those "things" ever stopped us from manifesting our own Heaven on the Earth plane. Our Kemetic pyramids still align perfectly with Orion's belt and still have equations that equal pi or 3.14. (They called that the Pythagorean Theorem and it is clear that this was an Asiatic/ Afrikan concept long before that man existed. However...)

But back to the topic at hand, wanting and needing something have very distinct lines. When Eye rose this morning, Eye thought about my gratefulness for simply having: food, clothing and shelter. That is really all Eye "need" anyway...besides shea butter, soaps and oils :)

But my list of wants could go on and infinite list that will drive a coon-sumer crazy trying to keep up! Eye am thankful to have woken up from this deep coma of coon-sumerism...but still..

Eye just think that each of us could humble our Spirit-beings so much if we overstood how to find that balance between wants and needs. Never did Eye say you should stop having nice "things," for we are Royalty and should treat ourselves as such; but our Spiritual evolution should always be in the forefront of our minds because our Souls will outlast us staying "fly."

The Gods and Goddesses on this plane know that we have work to do: for the uncivilized are our obligation and responsibility of the Most High. If we claim to be descendants of the Most High Mighty one; tapping into that infinite energy, then we have to work to heal the weak-minded from spiritual and physical attacks from the physical oppressors.

With all of this said, remember to just be thankful brothers and sisters, for the things we have and the blessings that are sure to come. Life should just be lived. Outside of Babylon's terms, plans are not really needed; the Earth shall dictate how the wind will blow. Ase.

To all of our ankhcestors that grant us wisdom and serenity, infinite thanks to you as well. Cherish our souls and bring our vibrations in line with the light codes and graciousness of JAH love. Amun.

Be Thankful.

The Priestess.