Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tones of Divinty...

Woke up to kisses on my face...and my ankh around my waist. Black honey's taste

See. often times Eye would hide from a deep feeling Eye had inside--but wait--Eye aint ever felt kisses like this. Eye never felt warmth like this, Eye've never been held like this, never laughed so much, never...

Damn. Ain't it something  when you think back about it? At least me, all of the bullshyt Eye've endured and encountered when dealing with the loss thrones of Afrikan Kings...and dreams. Eye remember. And brought to my consciousness is a recapturing of my destiny--a man frm many lands away--living a bit in amnesia and needing of me. And Eye need him so.

He taught me to love again--really. How to let go of pride, ego and past issues. Not fully--but Eye'm getting there. Taught me that love has an acquired taste, it is not perfect and it just IS. Eye see now that society cannot define what goes on with it, or how the manifestation of what Eye do should go--or how it should come about, into fruition. Eye hear the calls of my Ankhcestors--telling me to Love who Eye love. Do as my Spirit says so--no concern about what looks good on paper. Though these words bleed through your screen and you know what the Queen means.

But yes--on this, ride...Eye shake my head, which shakes my dreads which shakes my legs--as Eye think about our connection in the eons of the Universal cosmos. Eye know. And you do too. When you hold me, Eye feel what your eyes are revealing. Behind them Eye see secrets...of my deepest theses. On rose petals that tickle the brim of my nose--or your lips that tenderly tickle the base of my neck, or the silly laughs that follow all of your love-laced kisses. Thank you.

Thank you for listening--thank you for being there--thank you for reminding me that Eye was worthy of Love again--though the Most High shows immeasurable Love--thank you for being that reflection of the Most High's Love in flesh form. Thank you. For standing with me, allowing your body language to speak to me in the tone of divinity. That's what it is--and that's what it always was. What this always will be. Mark my words--mark my destiny.

Queen Naree'. Priestess.