Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

With You.....

In the realm of reality, we often forget to count our blessings. I am guilty of taking my mind for travels all day everyday and I am a dreamer. The key is to be a dreamer, but equally as much as a doer.

So, though there are things that want to throw me off balance, I learned yesterday that I truly, hold the cards to my Destiny. Although I already knew this, it soaked in more. I also learned that with Freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to lead my life in a direction of positive enlightenment, free thinking and free love, or restricted access to the Creator's love through unforgiveness, fear, doubt, anxiety and cruelness.

Let us Marinate and soak in while thinking about how much emotional baggage we are carrying with us everyday. When are we going to dump that stuff out? Give our hearts the room it needs to breathe and let new love in...

I was scared, I was afraid of rejection from a young man that I thought did not find me worthy. I'm not afraid to put my feelings down, my vulnerabilities. How can I expect others to open up with me if I do not open myself up? Whoo, I just felt a sigh of relief from the pressures (real or imagined) that have been holding me back from my destiny. "You must fight for your rights," said Bob Marley. And yes, we sometimes must fight (physically, mentally or spiritually) for things that are ours. Anything worth having is usually fought for, you will only lose appreciation for it if it doesn't challenge you, make you wonder. Real Love cannot stray though, the way the Creator loves you and I is infinite...Love and Knowledge (are key) and are both infinite journeys.

So now that I have relieved some of my tension through expression to you, may I say it, that I am in love. Yes, and with a man. And yes, it is real this time. I know because he not only gives me that Jones in my entire being, but his energy literally sweeps me and takes me for a whirlwind. He is breathtaking, he is taken away by me. He is love, he is Peace, he is Happiness, he is my friend first, and I love him. Will you please look my way if you feel me, if you do I must tell you. I must tell you that I love you, I want you, I need you, and it would add purejoy to my life if you would be a part of it everyday. I never saw how beautiful you truly are, inside and out, but now I know, or am just beginning to know. I love you so much that I cry sometimes just thinking about it. Do you know that, would you? Love me, Love me, say that you Love me darling. Need me, need me, go on and need me. I won't be able to concentrate until I know I have fully infiltrated your mind, let me penetrate, your soul, mark you with my ecstasy, guide you with my love. Think of me when you sleep, think of me when you dream, think of me every night. There's not a love song that comes on that doesn't make me think of you. Truly I am blessed to have thought about it, and here I am writing about it, all that's left to do is live it....with you.