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Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Night Stand...a final excerpt before the Novel's 2012 release....

I took a deep breath and exited Neicy’s neighborhood once I dropped her off. I was on my way over Pierre’s house. I know. Pitiful.

He answered the door and stared at me while I smiled.

Bag Lady” was still playing in my head from the ride over though.

I guess nobody ever told you…all you must hold onto…is you……is you…is youuuuuuuu!”

“Wassup luva,” I said to him playfully as I walked in the door.

He looked at me and I suddenly felt an urge to leave, a gut feeling. It felt like Pierre was hiding something from me, which I knew he was. But I just ignored it because I had been so eager to get over there.

“Wassup shawty,” he said and stood close to me. I could smell his fresh-out-of-the- shower scent.

Okay, so he’s ready, I thought, convincing myself I was doing the right thing.

He followed me to the basement. His large screen TV was watching me, as I watched him. We talked lightly to each other. The light in the room was an aquatic blue. It was soothing like the waves of a Caribbean ocean. It felt like we were sitting in a painting, a beautiful portrait for Lovers.

He turned to me, continuing the conversation we were having.

“Damn see,” he shook his head and said. “Shit must be real then huh?”

“What you mean? What must be real Pierre?” I asked him.

“This. Us. I’m saying, it’s destiny Naree’,” he looked at me and said. “It has to be.”

His stare didn’t waver and neither did mine. I wanted to ask him more, but couldn’t. Perhaps the honey from his kisses left my lips trapped.

I needed to know if he felt the same way…I hoped he did.

“So, you tired from the weekend? We did a lot of partying?”

“Yeah, but you know I’m chillin’ though shawty,” he said.

I knew that was his way of saying “Yeah, I’m tired. But not too tired to fuck you right now if you want me too.

“Oh, okay,” I said back. “Yeah, I’m chillin’ too.”

More time went by. We were wasting time. I didn’t know if he was stalling or what.

Just get your black ass up and LEAVE Naree’, I told myself.

No, I have to do what I have to do.

Go ahead and ask him sugah?
She finally came and said after minutes of speculation. I needed the sweet vibration of her tone.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. When I opened it again, the same thing happened.

“You need something to drink? I’m about to go upstairs and get some water,” he said.

“Yeah, get me some too please,” I said back.

He returned with two bottles, gave me one and sat back down. This time, closer to me.

I decided to make my move. I needed to know.

“Pierre, can I ask you something?” I asked him.

He looked at me, the way a man does when he’s nervous. I wished I had picked my wording better but…whatever.

“Yeah, wassup,” he replied with his lips balled.

“Look, I just wanna know the truth Pierre, are you having sex with this woman? And you know exactly who I’m talking about,” I came right out and said.

He looked at me for a few seconds, quiet at first.

“Naree’ Renelle, if you’re talking about Alexis, and I know that’s who you’re talking about, I already told you shawty…I am NOT fucking her. Damn.” He said.

He snatched the remote up and turned the channel. I could see a very visible frown on his face. I sat there, my mouth agape. I had never seen Pierre show such emotion before. About anything.

“Oh really?” I asked, not in a way that required an answer.

“Okay, Pierre,” I shook my head and said.

“What?” He looked over and asked me.

His expression looked serious, and a little disturbed…..but it was turning me on. Lowkey.

“Pierre,” I said in a tone that meant “stop playing. Let’s be serious.”

“Naree’,” he said back, in the exact same tone.

I wanted to laugh a little, but kept my face tight. I just folded my arms and looked towards the television. Nothing else needed to be said, I guessed.

“Naree’, now you know I don’t have one single reason to lie to you about that. I’m telling you, I’m not fucking Alexis. We’re just really good friends. I thought you knew that,” he said after a few more minutes.

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. I didn’t want to give in that easy, I still had that feeling that he was hiding something.

“Yeah, okay Pierre,” I just looked at him and said.

And what about the bitch you were on the pole with last night? Or the endless women that visit me in my dreams when I’m lying down with you? What about that huh?

He waited a few more minutes before speaking again.

“Okay, what Naree’?” He asked.

I fought to hold back a smile. I could never stay mad at him. All I saw was Pierre. He was all I needed to see.

“Aight Pierre, I believe you, if you insist,” I said. “And because I trust you, I’ll never ask you that again.”

I was trying to take him on a guilt trip for lying, like that meant anything.

“Respect shawty. I need you to trust me.”

He said he has no reason to lie, but what reason does he have to not lie? I still thought.

“But you know I got nothing but Love for you regardless,” he smiled and said. “I got you here with me Naree’…don’t need nothing else.”

That took everything off of my mind. Was my Baby talking to me?

He scooted even closer, like he was reading my mind. It was an afterthought once I laid on the couch, back into his arms. I melted into his space again with no hesitation. I could feel his warmth on my back as his manhood began to rise to the occasion.

“You aight baby?” He asked before he slid his hands to caress my exposed hip bone.

“Yes” I whispered as I watched his eyes.

I continued to eye him while he planted kisses on my left thigh. I rolled my eyes back and lost myself all over again. Pierre….

I felt the room spinning when he moved me to the floor. I wanted to do something different, add some different angles to the way we felt each other’s bodies.

“Okay, so how you want to get into this?” I smiled and asked him as we stood in his basement floor.

He shrugged. “Mmmm…don’t matta to me shawty.”

Shit like that irritated me. Because he was a Scorpio and was supposed to show me some things. But I just took the lead as usual. Nothing had changed for real.

“Ok then, just lie down,” I sighed lightly and said.

Maybe he preferred me riding him and was just afraid to say so.

When he came inside though, it didn’t feel the same. It didn’t feel like the Pierre I knew, the one I had grown to Love. Something about him was off—just like that night he had lied about taking a nap and then showed up on my Tetwork Live-Line. I knew I should have gone with my gut and left when I had the chance. But it was too late to leave. It was too late to leave ever.

“Nah, you’re good baby, trust me Naree’. I’m just exhausted right now, this long ass weekend man,” he shook his head and said.

“Are you sure?” I looked down at him and asked. I didn't know how I felt about a flaccid penis inside of me. I was still on top of him. Was it over?

“Look, trust me. Clearly you’re not the reason baby. You know I been up all weekend, ripping and running, partying since Thursday night. I haven’t gotten any sleep foreal,” he said, so softly.

He came up and planted a few kissed on my lips and face.

“You know if you come back later this week, I’ll have all of me to give. It’s just not a good time now,” he said.

Bad timing, I thought to myself. It’s always a bad time for us.

“Okay Pierre, I’ll see you then,” I attempted to move and said.

He pulled me back onto him.

“Where you going?” He asked and kissed me again. “Huh?”

I just looked on as he put sweet kisses all over my body. I was still fighting my smile. Pierre made me feel just like a little girl.

“I love you Pierre,” I said and looked at him. “And not just as my best friend.”

“And I love you too Naree’,” he said right back. “But you already knew that.”

I smiled, because I meant it.


“Through everything, all the things we’ve been through Pierre…” I said and shook my head.

I couldn’t even find words to describe how I felt. I had waited so long to say it, but still didn’t have anything to say.

“Well Naree’, I think about you when I get up in the morning shawty…all throughout the day, you somehow find your way to my mind, always,” he said.

I was dreaming. Had to be.

“You mean that Pierre?” I asked him, kinda wishing I hadn’t.

“Haha, what did I just say?” He asked me and tilted his head.

“What you just said,” I said back. “I heard you. And I feel the exact same way. I always wanted to tell you that too. Just know that.”

Some of my nervousness had finally loosened up. This was…Pierre.

He smiled at me.

“Yeah, I always wanted to tell you too…when the timing was right. But we back on the same page now, like always. Fuck the lil’ petty shit, you know you’ll always be my best friend Naree’, before anything,” he said.

He gave me a kiss and then swept me off my feet. He pulled my body up with his, carried me to the couch and laid me on my stomach. He started at my shoulders and gave me a full body massage. I was moaning his name that night and he wasn’t even inside of me.

“Remember what I said Naree’ Renelle, no matter what, nothing can come between the way I feel about you.”

Pierre was a smooth criminal.