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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful: Wants vs. Needs (A Naree' Renelle Post)

William DeVaughn was a one hit wonder, but his African-American anthem "Be Thankful" still pulls at soul strings worldwide. If you're not familiar with the lyrics, let me refresh you.

"You may not have...a great big Cadillac: diamond in the back, sun roof top, diggin' the scene with the Gangsta lean...Gangsta white walls....TV antennas in the back..."

But, his most sincere wording happened when he uttered "Just be thankful...for what you've got!"

How humbling.

Eye learned plenty of lives ago to be thankful for everything that is already in manifestation, while not always searching for moor. Eye had to re-learn that concept in this incarnation; filled with capitalist trinkets and desires...nevertheless, lessons learned.

How often are we taught, consciously or subconsciously, to want or desire more than what we actually need? Though the good book (Bible) teaches that "the meek shall inherit the Earth," how many people actually conduct their lives with such thought processes? Do you?

This isn't to point fingers, but simply to bring to the light one of the greatest wools over our eyes: and that's unnecessary consumption and consumerism. Eye too have been guilty; it's hard not to indulge, but I check myself when necessary. But Eye do not love my "things" more than Life and the Creator itself.

Some will say money is the root of all D(Evil) energy...others would argue that it is the desire to have money. But a young God put me on to some very true information one day by stating that "nowhere is it written that we shouldn't have the things we desire. It is when those desires outweigh and are prioritized over our spirituality that it becomes a problem." How true.

In our Ancient roles, gold, minerals, oils, spices and plenty of exotic "things" were in abundance in the region we descend from, so it was the norm to have these things. And Eye don't see how those "things" ever stopped us from manifesting our own Heaven on the Earth plane. Our Kemetic pyramids still align perfectly with Orion's belt and still have equations that equal pi or 3.14. (They called that the Pythagorean Theorem and it is clear that this was an Asiatic/ Afrikan concept long before that man existed. However...)

But back to the topic at hand, wanting and needing something have very distinct lines. When Eye rose this morning, Eye thought about my gratefulness for simply having: food, clothing and shelter. That is really all Eye "need" anyway...besides shea butter, soaps and oils :)

But my list of wants could go on and infinite list that will drive a coon-sumer crazy trying to keep up! Eye am thankful to have woken up from this deep coma of coon-sumerism...but still..

Eye just think that each of us could humble our Spirit-beings so much if we overstood how to find that balance between wants and needs. Never did Eye say you should stop having nice "things," for we are Royalty and should treat ourselves as such; but our Spiritual evolution should always be in the forefront of our minds because our Souls will outlast us staying "fly."

The Gods and Goddesses on this plane know that we have work to do: for the uncivilized are our obligation and responsibility of the Most High. If we claim to be descendants of the Most High Mighty one; tapping into that infinite energy, then we have to work to heal the weak-minded from spiritual and physical attacks from the physical oppressors.

With all of this said, remember to just be thankful brothers and sisters, for the things we have and the blessings that are sure to come. Life should just be lived. Outside of Babylon's terms, plans are not really needed; the Earth shall dictate how the wind will blow. Ase.

To all of our ankhcestors that grant us wisdom and serenity, infinite thanks to you as well. Cherish our souls and bring our vibrations in line with the light codes and graciousness of JAH love. Amun.

Be Thankful.

The Priestess.