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Monday, July 23, 2012

Empress Crowns (Dread-locs)

Dreadlocs are as ancient as time itself. For as long as our Ankhcestors roamed this Earth, they knotted and twisted their hair in unique ways that showed gratitude and respect to the Most High Mighty One; for these coils are as rebellious, strong and beautiful as our Souls. The Creator makes no mistakes.

For this reason, amongst others, dreads or "locs" may be looked down upon, especially in capitalist, corporate AmeriKKKa. But for my ladies, who stand with me adorned with crowns of glory; locked, or dreaded, Eye have good news.

Most may or may not know that the constant twisting and pulling at the strands of our hair can truly weaken it over time. This is why many times you see people with bald spots or broken dreadlocs; however, these locs are meant to last a lifetime, and for a reason. Our Lion/ Lioness manes are made to give us some cushion, absorb light codes from the sun and overall keep us in contact and connected with the Most High/ Universal God energy. The nattier the roots, the higher the vibrations. Now, ladies do not have to compromise their connection to the Most High with keeping our hair "neat," as our oppressors would call it. Watch!

"Buffalo Soldier: Dreadlock Rasta" ~Bob Marley (the Prophet)

This is the end result of washing, deep conditioning and roller-setting my hair, WITHOUT re-twisting my natty roots. Genius idea if I may say so myself! I kept my roots strong, but still added a headwrap (you can add your own accessories) and some natural green olive oil to make it look "neat"...and Eye am on my way to work!!

Look closely....the locs are still beautiful and they have more a true style. For longer locs, Eye suggest using larger sized rollers to set the hair.

Simple instructions!

1) Wash the hair thoroughly with natural shampoo; try to use something specific for build up in locs.
(I suggest Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla shampoo, Creme of Nature or Mango Lime shampoo products)

2) Towel dry and deep condition the hair with either Mango Lime deep conditioning creme, Creme of Nature or Carol's Daughter conditioner. Let sit for 20-30 minutes.

3) Rinse hair and towel dry again. Take rollers (or coil straws) and roll the hair into curls without re-twisting the can include the natty roots in the actual curl/ set, but DO NOT re-twist the new growth prior to that; that defeats the purpose.

4) Spray the coiled/set locs with a oil mist and tie a scarf moderately tight around your head to keep the roller set in place. Proceed with business as usual.

(** Eye usually like to have my hair setting a whole day, but 4-7 hours will do the trick as well. If your locs are thicker like mine, you may want to keep the rollers in a bit longer for full effect**)

5) After finished setting, and completely dry, slowly take the rollers/ coils out from the dreadlocs. Use your fingers to comb them out a little.

6) For moisturizing, place oil or green olive oil grease in palm of hands and massage scalp (natty roots). Oil locs until they shine...and voila!

Enjoy Empresses! And remember the nattier the roots the higher the vibration: natural is beauty, and beauty is natural. Take care of these lovely crowns that the Most High has blessed us with. Please leave feedback, questions or comments. Below or at

Peaces and Love,

The Hempress Priestess~ ** :)