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Friday, May 20, 2011

Why I'm Sexy....Why I'm Free

It all started with a conversation about the Yoni- the Hindu term for female genitalia. As I ascend into higher levels of consciousness, the sacred act of sex (more specifically, tantric sex) comes up. Over and over again actually.

As a result, I have drawn some of my own conclusions and coined the concept or idea "Yoni Power." This can be described as my idea of the respect and honor that the feminine sacred place should always receive on a Universal level. It is between a woman's thighs that Paradise on Earth is reached. And from there, the amount of pleasure received can feel galactical. It is through this vessel (the Yoni) that all Life moves. The Yoni is a beautiful and Powerful thing!

As a Black Queen Goddess, I acknowledge and surrender to my sexuality. Like a black kitten that has grown into a full and lively Black I am. Sexy, and Free.

Never confuse promiscuity with the sexual energy that Divine beings naturally possess. As a sexual being, sex is a very natural and perfect occurence- it feels good and I believe we should indulge. However, like most things, there are boundaries to be respected. But that there is for another post.

My Kings and Queens of the Jungle, we stand here as the protoype for the Earth's core and I feel so enlightened to share with you the energy I receive from the "Black Man high." He, in exchange, gets high from my essence and nothing is more God-like. I open myself to all of my audience to know that these types of exchanges have been rampant for the last few months of my Life. It's like a phase I am going through as I continue to grasp onto my "Yoni Power." I am sure the Kings I have spent time with are very grateful for this Moon phase of mine (smile).

But anyway, my point is to bring together the fact that sex is not a taboo subject; instead it is Knowledge of Life itself. Nothing on earth is more potent than the elements that can come together when man and woman are engaging in sexual intercourse. Nothing gives me more freedom...and nothing makes me feel more free than taking my Yoni Power back and embracing my very potent sexuality. I am here for a reason, and it is to share this Sex Knowledge of the Most High with you. Let your mind and my body be the vessel that washes you to the shore of Paradise.

So let us not fret about the past or society's views of sexuality...let us create our own! No longer will we look to the mass media to decide who or what is acceptable for the pleasure we recieve in the privacy of our own bedrooms. The day when the women of the world understand, value and appreciate their precious Yonis, is the same day that men will bow at our feet to kiss them- respecting us for the Queens that we are.

Much Love and Peace to the Feminine Guiding Principle that surrounds us all, and her male counterpart that creates balance. Be sexy, Be free...Be bold and unleash your Inner Goddess. This isn't just a post for Women because men too share this feminine principle in their energies. And the man who understands and fully embraces the graces of the woman's anatomy will always be rewarded by the heavens tenfold.

I am Afiyana. And with the Yoni, I have the Power. The Power to spread this Love and Knowledge to you. Peace.