Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I need the Black Man like I need my left lung, because he is the Sun. My Twin Flame...The One.

The Nation isn't complete without the Love and Wisdom of its Father. The Mothers serve just as much, but this one isn't about the Queens.

It's the Kings, that beam the radiance of a Warrior Spirit to protect and provide for the Woman and Children. Zulus, Chakas and such....the glowing and flowing skin that I Love so much. To touch...

I feel that any Nubian Wombman can share with me the electricity that sizzles through your Soul when we see our Black Men, Panther Style, as Huey and Fred demonstrated. To see them united, not killing each other and ready to break down this system that works overtime daily to downpress our culture, History....legacy.

Insecure, alone, targeted, cursed from birth....I feel your pain Black Man. Here we are (Black Women) tearing you down when we should be helping to heal you. For healing you is healing ourselves. We need to heal you from the affliction and curse of being beaten by European chains, as your melanated brothers held you down. Forced to hate another! Forced!

Now that's blunt force trauma.....

You see that? And now you even hate me, your MOTHER! Because you were taught to hate yourself so much. She's ugly to you, right? Undesirable maybe? With her nappy Black hair, full lips and round hips. Maybe that ass is just too phat! Whatever the reason, why am I the one you play for a season? And see the oppressor's woman as the one for the keepig? I'm weeping.
Why should I suffer with your babies and the emotional baggage you left me with? I feed you, read to you, write for you, cook you meals, smile at your presence, let Nature take its course as I sex you, speak your Afrikan language all day but yet you don't want me? Don't need me? I'm greedy?

But baby please I love you, we miss you in our lives. Me, the babies, your aunts, cousins, sisters and wives. Your mamas. Your EARTH- Black Man please come back to us, don't you hear us calling? Don't you hear my eternal call for you Black Man?

Eye promise I won't tell you how worthless or how much of a dog you are, never will I utter the words "you ain't shit" or "niggas ain't shit," defacing your brothers. Promise I will be there is you let me.

Don't you wanna protect me? I shed tears on this page for the deep need in my Soul.

Daddy, where are you?

Did I ever forgive you?

You were not there like so many others. Yet and still. I need you. WE need you.

Don't you hear the little girls crying in the streets? Needing her father. Growing up seeking validation from the opposite sex. Alone, wondering why her most valuable and prized possession did not sustain HIM---all of the men that she has Loved. But a rose is still a rose.

And your sisters, who look up to your masculine energy and wisdom. She can't hide the comfort she feel around you...the big or baby brother (smile).

No matter whom you are Black Man and what role you play, know that you are needed today and everyday.

One day, and eye hope today is that day, the Brothas will come back to us. They will remind us why we Loved them so much the first time around, even though they hurt us time after time. We will have completed such a significant part of our Soul's journey that our entire being will rejoice and re-unify the Nubian Nation.

We will be free again, we will smile and relish in the face of pure, Black Love--melatoned.

I may have just created such a word but Love from a Black Man can do that. His inspiration reminds me of my Power. I willingly submit to you Black Man. Do you submit to me also? Can we be, an Eternity. No matter what, the Creator made us for each other.

So are you coming back Black Man? I need to know.

Because we want, and need your Black much though.

Sincerely signed,

Naree' Renelle and the Sistahs.