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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Alter Ego(s) Revelation... :)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Evening. Whenever this post finds you is fine with me. I am a quiet "E", and then an apostrophe. Nevertheless, I have been on some serious self-discovery since May of last year and here I am in 2010 with a serious revelation people.

I just found out that I have SEVERAL alter egos.....Not one, or even two, but follow, for me to name a few!

Erin Jenkins (This is the name I was given at birth. But here, in Amerikkka, it's my Slave Name. Even though the name Jenkins, over the years, has come to be assocaited with Black Families, this is not my original Afrikan name. But, it is the one I us professionally, vocationally and for contracts. This is the very surface part of me. Erin is just an identifier, like a Social Security number. It says nothing about the depths of who I am.)

E&J (This is my Radio Personality and Name. E&J is a nickname that I received in college from a very special friend of mine and the people who are most comfortable around me usually call me this name. It has nothing to do with the drink is simply my coined name for my unique personality, perspectives and humor that I bring to any situation. She is a little poetic, but more floetic, if you catch my drift. E&J is more of a stage name in that sense; the way I appear to the world as a journalist, activist, writer and sometimes, comedian. Cool, calm, collective and a tad bit of a handful. If you know me, for real, then you probably identify me as Ms. E&J)

Queen Afiyana

 Queen Afiyana (Ahhh, now we are getting deeper. This name was literally, brought to me by the Heavens. I received this name from the Spiritual realm for it is my Spirit Name. When I am in the presence of other spirits, this is probably what I am identified as. Afiyana is a pleasure of sorts. She is wild, very wild; with rebellious hair and a mean switch to match. She is a Fire if you light that match, a Desire. Her power symbol and animal is her Black Panther "Tao." She travels with him through the nighttime Amazon, carrying a stick for protection and wears animal wraps on her black skin. She is a Queen. An independent, fierce, heroic, healing, teacher to all humanity. Her sweet lips whisper life into the words: Justice, Harmony, Love, Religion (non-traditional) and Spirituality. She is Spirituality; for she is the epitome of the Black Woman's essence. All of the traits, light and dark, and then some. Her bronze frame is sure to tame any of the suitors she pursues. Back arched like a sleek cat...she is Queen Afiyana. And the
nighttime forest is her best friend.) 

Renelle Revolutionare'

Renelle Revolutionare' (You can call her all of the egos balled into one. Renelle is the Revolutionary spirit that awakened my senses and traced me back to my roots, our history. She was one of the first alter Egos ever created in my psyche, on a spiritual level though. I remember her clearly, but she only emerges on some days. As a political activist, there's Renelle Revolutionare'. As a poem writer about Black Struggle {in Amerikkka or elsewhere}, there she is again. As a guest speaker at open mics and panels for discussion about Black Progress {and the sorts}, there she is. Renelle Revolutionare' is the Black Panther in the figurative form of the word. The spirit of our {militant} black Ancestors lives in her deeply and she firmly believes in Malcolm X when he whispers to her "By Any Means Neccessary." She is free. She is Freedom. Renelle Revolutionare' is the face to be worn, at times. But she emerges as the realest form of real if you have ever seen it. Soul Sistah- with a Black Fist raised. The revolutionary spirit is deep in the recesess of her DNA, and she despises ignorance on any level. Don't piss Renelle Revolutionare' off though, that's all I'ma say, today and anyday. :)

With that said, where is your journey of self-discovery headed to? I ask you because I know mine has just begun. Even with these few alter egos, I know all of them will evolve as I do. Not everyone has alter egos, or even seeks to find them. But I have found mine, and oh waht a day it is to rejoice. To the Most High, my feminine and masculine energies are to join and be proud. Today I fully step into my crown. -Queen Afiyana