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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lyrical Refugee reflection...

Eye am proud...of myself.

As eye took time to reflect about some things, I have to admit that Eye am...that Naga!

Few reasons...but I'm just sayin...

Just because, I made this mixtape "Lyrical Refugee" in a two week span. It may seem like much pressure...but at the rate I was moving..the Goddess twerked the alchemy!
I was, in some way or another, dealing with an environment I couldn't really breathe or succeed in. No shade, whatsoever, but truth is just truth. The Most High's alignment granted me the opportunity to link with like-minded and spirited individuals that had my best interest in mind. Eye am fully aware that no one can do you how YOU do you but, a power circle helps.

Waves of negativity are sometimes needed to bring balance back to your sphere. This is Universal Law of Balance. The stress, the wondering, the anger that found its way to my sphere the last few weeks stemmed from forces outside of me. But I can't blame the outside forces because I should be so in tune with my Inner Peace that nothing external can affect me: Life Lesson.

But thanks and many praises to those that helped me to make this happen. My producer Lonnie G, Slick- the God, El- another feature artist, Dice for the pointers and featuring on a track, my sister and family for giving their honest opinions and always listening, my manager DCPoet, all of the Royal ones that told me how much this movement was needed, Da Fly 1 for the inspiration and to the lady Byllz for bringing the thought processes to me.

All in all, I can say that this being my first music project, it has a sentimental bond with me. I did indeed put my heart into it, but I do so in everything that I do. "Lyrical Refugee" is but a look into the path eye walk...and will continue to as Eye am on this self-journey with the Most High navigating.

7.21.2012 the magic happens. Let's see how it goes from there :)

*Kush Kisses*

The Priestess.