Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Free Me...

I probably went on a whim with all of this. I probably fainted deadly at the thought of your sweet kiss. Let me not reminisce, for I don't know where those lips have been. How can I blame you? Because I arranged you. I put you in birth and staged you. And this is the thanks I get.

Black Woman, be strong and hold on to the Destiny of Royalty. Black Woman, lead not into temptation of pleasures of the flesh, then what's left? You think there is no connection to the sensations we have in our body and our brain? It's one in the same. Help me to be all of that and maintain.

Regardless of any situation I am put through, regardless of what we strive as women to do, the truth will prevail. Living in hell, on scales, with whales, in deep, blue oceans that know no end...where are my friends? Where are the Holy Ones that walk the earth with me. We all make mistakes but continuity is stupidity.How do you make a vow to make a change over and over and keep doing the same thing. Your energy is bringing my vibrations down,  I always end up frustrated when you come around. Is that a friend?

Fiending for what the streets have to offer...why bother? And tell you what I think. I'm too opinionated and that's why they think..I'm a bitter black soul with no one to hold. But little do they know, I could have whomever and whatever I want....but for what?

Why have the sky-divers of empty, unfulfilled leagcy suck my energy away? I could go on those rides you go on any day...bu they still don't deifne me. Sublime me...Suprise me. Yall don't hear me tho.

I could give a fuck about what the world hears. All I can do is stand fearless from the world's fears. All I can do is wipe my own tears. It's a lonely road and some tears are gonna fall. Oh, it's a lonely road and I won't get through it without God. It's a lonely road and what's sad...many of my people don't even know what we had. Glad to be sad, in the depression of red-clad. army. Black Panthers...can you say it right?

But goodnight to the hatred, but hello to the sorrow. Maybe we were happier chained down, gave our freedom for the master to borrow. So hollow, so mean, so peaceful and serene. Were we? Was I? I was there mama, I heard your cries.

But let me not go back into the excuses of you and I. I am here now, left with my soul to fly. Soul to guide...I have to let go of the shame. Let go of the energy...the negativity they speak with my name. Let go of the hearsay, let go of the children. Ten years from now they'll all look up..."Damn, this what E&J was feeling."

And I'll leave 'em alone now, let them live and be free. I know of all of your motives, I know what it is to be me. Be me...that's all I can be. If you don't believe, just watch and see.'s free.