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Friday, June 8, 2012

Every Indian can be a Chief...Play Your Part!

Back to the money.
This is how we do this honey.

The rebel in society has one of three choices.

1) Totally give in to the system

2) Give into the system somewhat w/ knowledge of "working" the system to personal advantages

3) TOTAL detachment from the system

I am choice #2, because as a (self-identified) inhabitant of Babylon, there are certain things that allow me to live comfortable. I am aware that eye am not totally detached from my oppressor. But that detachment is definitely  in the making as you read.

The Rebel/ Revolutionary that decides to totally submit to the rule of their oppressor is, as many would argue, not a part of the solution, but indeed the problem. I am unsure as to whether or not even call them "rebels" since they have no determination to detach from a society that feeds them (genetically modified foods), clothes them (sweat shop products) and promises them liberty (a slave country to call their own), Life (prison sentences) and the pursuit of happiness (the almighty dollar). However, this is most of the population we share this lovely planet with.

I think the second choice is so complex because we are at a constant tug of war between two worlds. We use what we have (Knowledge of the wayward system) to get what we want (basic physical needs, etc). Eye personally think that these are the individuals who have (partly) mastered the balance between the physical and spiritual plane(s). Here we are, working everyday, shucking, jiving and feeding our masters, but bashing and growing infinitely outside of their watch. I think that's pretty damn great! Personally...

And then the mega-super Rebels who say entirely "motherfuck the system!" These individuals are more than likely entrepreneurs, agriculturalists, naturalists and the like- they have no dependence on societal structures at all. They may live completely off of the land- for Mother Nature does provide everything that we need, and more. Growing their own food, making their own clothes from natural fabrics, self-sustaining themselves and their families through use of Ancient knowledge and their connection to the Earth and ultimately, the Universe.
That's the true freedom. Or is it?

 I say that to say this, we all fit in somewhere in the struggle and must play our parts. Some of us are skilled at economic re-structuring-barter/trade, money, etc and can aid in the rebuilding of Afrikan capital.

Others of us are knowledgeable Master Teachers that can teach us all about the re-structuring of our metaphysical minds to be the Great Nation that we once were. This would include the entire dismantling of the Euro-structured slave mind state.

Others of us, like myself, are healers and guiders. These are the individuals that will re-fuel our Nation with the spiritual ammunition to protect us from melanin attacks on our psyches; instances that the Beast uses to suck our energy. These will be the ones to show you the right diet, mind frame and meditation practices (in everyday living) that will raise your vibrations to enhance optimal living. This is when we will begin to vibrate on our God/Goddess vibration conscious levels. Again!

Then we have the information carriers. Those that just absorb the Knowledge of the Master Teachers and provide it to the masses of the Nation and all those that need to hear.

Some will take heed to the knowledge, most will not though---and that's just the way the prophecy goes, so there is no reason to fret over that loves.

We all have parts to play. We all have roles in rocking the Revolution!

I want to go in so much more depth but I'm rushing and I just wanted to touch on this.

So be the Master of your Destiny and give the greater and highest vibrating part of yourself to the Nation. We love you!

Warm Regards. Peace, Love and Light always.

Marley. The Healer Hempress. MMMWAAAA!