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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Same Ray of Sunshine...Floodgates of Love

How Inspired the Most High has me today. I have had a tendency in the past to post with my thoughts all over the place so I now try to remember to focus in on a subject. I am still not sure exactly what this post will be about so I will just write, or type rather, and tell you about the things that come to my mind.

Firstly, is Inspiration (once again).
I recently took a Career Personality Assessment test and saw that most of my strenghts lie in inspiring others to do good work. Well, I actually feel honored by that because that is what I love to do most. I love to help people realize their full potential often when they have failed to realize it themselves.

Inspiration is such a valuable form of energy because it is the gift that keeps on giving. For instance, I feel inspired by a variety of things this morning. From the Erykah Badu c.d. I played on the way to work, to the conversations I had with certain people last night, all of these small inspirations in my life were inspired by the Most High. Therefore, their light shines on me and I am in return, shining it onto you. Do you see how this exchange goes? What makes it really beautiful though is that we are all experiencing the same ray of light, the same ray of sunshine from Ra-our Sun God.
(Pause and Refelct on that Beauty).

How often we take for granted the goodness and gracious of a lovely, sunny day. Imagine life if you could not look to the sky...
Just that thought is absent of life...absent of light. Without the sky there would be nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that we all come from the same light, the Same Ray of Sunshine. And through that Sunshine in our hearts, we Inspire ourselves and others around us. Inspiration is such a nice word to me right now, such an amazing theme. I see it as a transitionary phrase as well for me at this point. I am transitionaing with my power because I do not only use my Inspiration for myself, but to Inspire others. That's what begins to happen when you are overflowed and overjoyed with Love, Peace and Inspiration. You share it with others, you open up the sunshine in their hearts.
-The same way that people share their emotions and their problems when they are overflowed with negativity, wickedness, depression and self-doubt. Choose to be the one who provides people with solutions, not problems. Happiness, not scolding. Progression, not depression.
"Love. And Be Loved."   -This is also becoming a favorite quote/ theme of mine.

In Ms. Erykah Badu's latest album New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh, she has a song called "Love" where she breaks down some very true things about emotions. The song begins by explaining that all of our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. That the only emotions that human beings experience in this plane are: Love and Fear. Any emotion that we have is either directly or indirectly related to these two emotions. She is so on point with that. To give you an example: If you go into your family reunion with the expectation that all of your family is going to embarass you with crude comments, loud talking, belching and everything possible to work your nerves, BELIEVE that this is exactly the type of experience you will encounter. Your mind allowed you to set the parameters of the situation with your ability to function around those that you are obviously emotionally connected to, your family. Your ability to love was overshadowed by your fear, or ability to hate and be the real person that you are.

If you take the same scenario and you go into it without the fear of being seen or perceived a "certain way," then this will be the ultimate bonding experience for you and your family. By not enclosing yourself with that fear of embarassment, rejection, agitated nerves etc., you have opened up the floodgates of love, allowing yourself to be totally loving and accepting of your family, as they will be towards you.

In Life, the very same rules apply. We all tend to wear masks of pride, anger, complaints and self-righteousness. These emotions are all normal but are being processed the wrong way.Why not be prideful about the fact that you can take control of your life and sto being a mental slave to the society around you. Or how about becoming angry about the way one of your brothers or sisters is representing themselves out in the street so you decide to inspire them to do better with themselves. There is a such thing of becoming so angry about something that you gently handle it. Or how about complaining about nothing that you have not exhausted every possibility of fixing yourself. This alone would cut down on alot of the confusion we experience each day in our lives. And self-righteousness...well that just needs to be displayed in a positive manner. There is a very thin line between confidence and cockiness. Know that although you may be more spiritually attuned, better dressed, a better reader or more accustomed to the "delicacies of life" then the next man, we all are still EQUAL. The Creator created all of us and therefore as humans we have the same capacity to do the same things mentally, physically and spiritually (actually, there may be some tweeks to that information here and there but that is a topic for another blog post :). If one man or woman can do it, then any man or woman can.

Are you functioning on a high vibratory frequency of Love? Or on the low, slow vibrational frequency of Fear?
Fear and Love are as different as night and day, but night and day are both, inevitable. Therefore it is natural to fear, natural to feel a certain way about things you don't understand. But it is also within nature that you find that shining light, that Golden Ray of Sunshine that is promised each morning when the sun rises. And when the sun sets, our emotions don't set with it, we all are still...the same frequency.

So ride in Love, open your soul to the overflowing blessings of the Most High that naturally weave their way into your life when the highest freuqency of all, Love, takes over your being.

Fear not. "For there is nothing to Fear but Fear itself." - Roosevelt

Love & Fear. So far apart but so near. I am, We are...the same Golden Ray of Sunshine. Allow all of our hearts to shine collectively, let the floodgates of Love free...and at Peace our souls shall be.

 Peace, Love and Energy always. Tua Neteru (My Inspiration through you)...E&J**