Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life, like not made to be lived alone....(an Afiyana post)

The rain came...and soon left.

Ahhh, today how good it feels to breathe a new breahth of air. I feel refreshed. Blessed. No stress (well...)

Anyway, although I can come off very strong, I too, am weak. It takes a real woman to say that, to admit it to herself and others. I am the first to help, the first to pray for you, the first to send my Positive energy out to you...but believe me, I need your help too.
Life is not made to be lived alone...the creatures, the trees, the nature, the forest; all of these beings around us...sprouted from the same Creative Force energy. Life is not made to be lived alone.
And not only in the context of soulmates and lovers, though LOVE is one of my favorite topics, there are plenty others. Love, Identity, Nature, Life, Cure/ Healing, even March Madness!
But I remain as will, that Life, is not made to be lived alone.

I too go through battles in my heart and my being. Sometimes caught up in what someone else wants me to be, or modeling a picutre of myself that I know is astray from my heart...but aren't we all guilty? I just wish we could all be more real with each other. My Guardian angel told me this past Friday that everyone will not see your emotions/ passion as a weakness. This is so true, in that, we get so hell-bent on protecting our pride that often times, we forget how to Love. We forget how to be on with Nature, with each other, with our sister, with our brother.
-I vowed a long time ago to stop calling Black women bitches and to respect my Black Kings in this world...recognizing the pain in myself allowed me to open my heart to the Unity between us as a people. What you should never do is allow someone else to stop YOU from being YOU. For instance, I sometimes smile and acknowledge my brothers and sisters that I see on the street and they ignore me. But instead of becoming discouraged, I recognize that many of us cannot break away from the product our old "masters" created for us and therfore, remain stuck. So I still acknowledge them, smile, and pray that I can impact them to speak to another one of their brothers or sisters they see on a later date.

-For real though, this post was inspired by a slight trauma I experienced. But I know for sure that instantly, the God within you can cure all the ill wounds of society. While last summer I spent alot of time in isolation, I see that this summer is a time for more growth. Last summer I had to grow spiritually strong by myself, finding my own path. I have continued down this road for a while but I know now that this summer is bigger than me. This is the summer to spread my love to the masses, to enjoy the nature in springtime and to rejoice with love all of those that I come into contact with.
What good is the knowledge and Love of the Most High if I only use it to my advantage? Love continuously flows through when you open your heart to others.

-Life, is not made to be lived alone.
And as I sit on my throne, I promise to make all of those who are involved in my life, more spiritually attuned by conversations and transactions with me. Most of this comes to me in my dreams, for I am a fairy Goddess, with nature's secrets of the Love-filled atmospheric Universe.

Can you float with me? Will you? For my life, like yours, was not made to be lived alone.

Join me brothers and sisters, on my throne. In this life (and the next one), you shall alone.