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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Freedom of Individuality

No one said the price of Freedom would be cheap.
Through my strength i had to learn to take faith in my leaps.
I am constantly and forever ever-changing and ever-moving.
Sometimes I feel like life is living a movie.

I once read that the conscience mind is not real, but your subconscience is what you are to be.
I now know and believe, in the Freedom of Individuality.
This word has gotten me through the toughest times of self-hate and self-guilt.
Individuals don't melt well in a mixing pot.

I make my own pot, I mix the ingredients that I deem neccessary for my growth,
My food shall heal souls, heal my own soul.
I have to learn to be vulnerable with the one who makes it all happen,
admitting the truth to yourself is the hardest to do sometimes.

I will admit, I have felt like my best just isn't good enough.
Why can't I stop worrying, why can't I get enough.
Though endless times that I was unworthy of love,
remembering now that it is the grestest creation that comes from above.
Therefore, it makes no sense and has no words to describe,
it is a feeling I feel when I glance into his eyes.
A feeling I feel when I watch the sunrise,
or a streak of humanity I see across a moonlit sky.
Gemini, air sign, out beyond the planes of realness,
This is the real real, can you feel this?

See, I have learned not to give others too much credit, my energy is surpassing the meeks of most
Negative energy needs a host
And who am I to boast, about the knowledge I have dwelling within
It was born inside of us all, with the creation of man.

Meditation, Prayer.
Meditation** Prayer**
It shall get me there.

The Freedom of Individuality...

Boy I swear.....

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