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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time and Space....Controller of Your Destiny..??

"Today, nobody cares, about tomorrow, but they will." -Lupe Fiasco "I'm Beamin"     

Good morning, afternoon or evening, whichever time you are reading this. Today is blessed because it is today, and that's all. It's just a mere blessing that I see another day, why fret about today's possibilities? One of my priorities at this time in life is trying to find the balance between making things happen, and going with the flow of the Natural Divine Order of things. While I know there are things I can will into happening through daily affirmations, chants, rituals and meditations, there is also an order in the cosmos that is a force to be reckoned with. I rather not try and disturb the natural flow of things. While I think some things we want, or think we need (like long-term goals) rely strictly on a higher source for its material manifestation, things we want now, like short-term things, we can "will" into happening. You are a product of the Universe and therefore the energy you put out or think about or dream about is all in the cosmos, in the form of energy. When and only when you truly understand this, is when you can begin to ride and rock on a spiritual plane.

But today is not the day to point fingers or focus on the many differences we have, why not focus on our biggest similiarity, that we are all products of the Universe, well, most of us.
Anyway, I thank the Most High for the Inspiration these energies give me everyday. For giving me a fresh breath of air to breathe, just for this moment in time right now, we are all blessed. Nevertheless, I have several things that I feel but today I think I will focus on the cosmos, law of attraction and the attainment of the good you want in your life. This is strictly my knowledge, no cited sources, just a drop from jewels I have picked up here and there.

I attract into my life all that is good in the Universe....but be careful what you ask for. I asked for this one night and booooy, my ancestors were all over me :). Not that it bothered me, but it was a bit of intense energy right when I was trying to fall asleep. They watched over me though, my guardian angels even spoke to me last night, threw a spiritual flower my way and said "This is for you." I smiled, physically and with my heart because I know I love her, and she loves me even more. The beauty about the wisdom and comfort of the cosmos is that our Gods and Goddesses love us even when we are too caught up in the world to love ourselves. There is a spiritual plane, other dimensions, and I have been to them through astral projections and simulation in my brain....but nevertheless....

It may sound a bit spooky to some, as it still spooks me out sometimes when I'm alone but the Law of Attraction is true in saying that you only attract the energy that you put out. With that said, of course I feel fearful and anxious about what spirits may be around me when I am angry, jealous, envious or upset for no reason. Those negative spirits are going to attach themselves to whatever type of energy I'm putting out. However, when I am blessed, loving, patient, kind, I feel secure with the spirits around me because I know they are smiling, giving me a taste of the Beautiful Bliss that comes with the paradise of life. I am fully aware that true paradise cannot be brought on this plane but until my freedom from time and space through death occurs, I have to make due with what I have. And what you have...

And what we have is the Energy of the Most High, yes, the man or woman you call "God," that energy is all within you. This has nothing to do with religion though, let's get that straight from the beginning. I'm talking spiritual awareness, man, woman and child- the three basics of life. Because like I said, this is a reflection of our similiarities, not our differences. So, know that with that energy you can chose to uplift, inspire, love and respect yourself and others. Or you can continue to make excuses for your behavior (like I still do some days) and say that God forgives us all in the end. This is true, but believe that you will experience a Karmic debt and pay for what you do in other lives that will follow. Reincarnation is real, as energy is only recycled over and over because the first law of energy is that it is never created nor destroyed, only transferred. So transfer that negative energy out of your life right now, release it from your mind and send it to the cosmos for your spiritual guardians to neutralize-breathe in and out 25 times, and see what a difference this small-scale meditation can do.

Yeah, right now, go ahead and do it....breathe in, breathe out..25 good ones!

Wow! What a wonder the breath of God can do...that breath you are breathing right now! Attract into your life all that is good, but serously, be careful what you ask for- like I said. Through positive affirmations I know for a fact that you can make things happen...but don't forget about the Divine Order, the stars have to line up just right for your attainment to reach your desired effect. If not, it may fall through and not go like you may want or need it to.Everything in the Universe is connected and therefore has to correlate to deliver your specific desires when you ask for them. For example: let's say you ask for that certain someone that you have been eyeing to some into your life as more than just a friend. You attract that energy in your life but you force the situation into happening, you grow tired and reckless from baggage from past relationships and three months into it, the relationship is over. What a lost huh? I know, shit happens! But there were some things you could have done after you attracted the energy by just letting the Creator run the course. You have no need to stress, the Universe takes care of the tension for you. Just speak to the Universe about what you want and let the magic in your life happen. Attract and Enjoy...that's the small quote lesson of the day.

       "Attract (pause and wait) and enjoy." -Thank the Cosmic Energy!!!!!!!

**Now if you would have waited, prayed and meditated on the situation after you asked for it, your spirit guides would have told you that you needed time to heal before you got into this relationship. Or that the other person really wasn't mentally ready for the strain you would put on each other. If you would have worked WITH the cosmos, you would have been able to rightfully fulfill your destiny. By waiting for your insecurities, discretions and past hurts to fly away with the wind, and this does not just take a day, or weeks, or months. Emotional baggage builds up from life and we express it in our everyday interactions. But anyway, if you would have gone through that intense healing, had an in-depth conversation with the other person about your needs and wants and then let the Divine energy flow like that, then you would have been in the Beautiful Bliss of love that may have lead to marriage with the young man or woman. This is a really small example but do you catch my drift?

We, as humans, have been so trained to get things that we want, when we want them. We are so inclined to instant gratification that we forget that time and distance really do not exist. You know how you can be inspired by a text message that someone sends from millions of miles away, or the way you "feel" the person that is about to call you. God does not wear a stopwatch, the spirit world lines up the Universe for things to happen when they should, you just have to attract the energy in your life (without doubt or fear) and without a time limit. Let the good come into your life, and don't count on things to happen exactly when YOU want them too, how wonderful are Beautiful suprises huh?

I wrote this with you in mind, and my Divine self was speaking through the ink, the page, the keyboard, your screen. I learned from this post too, sometimes it helps to just write things out so I can bring some order to all the scatter and chaos in my brain. I have to learn to wait, I am still struggling with letting go, and letting God. Divinity is Originity, the original energy can never be reformed, but we can form it to bring good in our lives, and I sweep the floors I walk on with essences of good graces. Are you living...or are you exisiting? Let the good in you life happen now, I mean today...and change tomorrow.

Real Reflections.

"Today, nobody cares, about tomorrow, but we will."

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