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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Priestess Theses..

Today be...Free.

After several days of seclusion, with light intrusions, Eye have been renewed. Life is all about cycles. And as all things, you must get in where you fit in.((360))

Eye took a trip to North roots, and it was so refreshing for my Soul. Eye talked to my transitioned cousin and other Ankhcestors, had dreams about past anger that was causing hurt in my subconscious...and re-armed myself with new strength to conquer demons; both old and new.

Though it may sound deep, tis what Eye need. Like, humans don't overstand that the energy around me is everything. Eye can immediately feel "other" or "unlight" energy and it has an almost immediate effect on my mood and overall well-being.

Through reflection, Eye took responsibility for the fuckry Eye allowed to manifest in my sphere as well. Petty arguments, dumb Nagas, low vibrational beings, enemies, enemies disguised as friends, and the like. Eye took some time out to reach out to send Universal love and hugs to the troubled Souls that must face their fate. The Universe always takes care of her own.

And Eye also chose to be free. Free from the insanity (yes, insanity) that comes with living up to a standard that anyone other than SELF has set for me. That can be very depressing. Who knows what's best for me better than me? Or the womb in which Eye entered this vessel through; My Earth. NOBODY.

But that's why self-realization and seclusion is often times so necessary. With the everyday hustle and bustle of Life, Eye used to see no point in going home and sitting in silence. But as the wise wombman Eye have grown into, now Eye have the gist of it. And all of my moves are meditation in motion. Tea, herbs, fruit and my Divine womb essence, Eye feel, is all that Eye need at times. Truly.

So, this isn't a long post...this is just a very necessary toast to the new stages of my Life.

Evolution from a spirited child to a revolutionary to a Queen, to a Goddess to a High and regarded Priestess. This be the theses. Sometimes... (large smiles)

Kiwi, mangoes and passionfruit flavors to savor all in your spheres. Peace if you reading and were here.

The Priestess..

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