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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have You Ever Tried Sleeping With a Broken Heart?

Alicia Keys is playing in my head over and over. Why oh Why? I ask. Anyway, I love the fact that I am so resilient. I may stress for a minute and then it's like "Fuck it!" Times come and go, so do people and so do feelings {sometimes}. I recently received great news, but I don't know what it is yet. I feel a poem coming on soon so I'm about to post that...Make sure u tune in to Twitter {BlackSoulRose}. I will be on here updating more often too, I have definitley been loafing. Either way...make me proud I say to myself and I am never upset. Who can upset yourself more than yourself? I will never let anyone have control over my emotions (outside of my family) unless they are affecting me in a good way. And HE does. EVen if I try to block him out, I have learned how to let my mind and body flow with the thoughts of Him. He deserves it though, and I will give it to him! Either way, life is a never ending chapter book and I added about three chapters just in the last week. I guess you healed my Broken Heart...My blog gives me sanity. Your thoughts give me peace, the Most High gives me serenity and Doves give me compassion. Can you hear me? I feel it and I want you to as well...But you must listen, with your soul....Soul-Evolution (that's the name of the game :)

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