Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

**Our Morning**

Do You believe you can fly?
I believe we can touch the sky...
But could you see yourself in between my thighs
Your tongue flickers as my nipples rise
Told me to run, but you cant hide
That desire burning on the inside
I would love to go for your little ride
I Invite you to come inside
To a Sacred being, a Sacred place
Filled with my warm elegance, your deepest grace
And I plan for my heart to race
As our bodies share, we make no mistakes

I am,
on a Plateau with you
Thinking of one thing, or maybe a few
Maybe all the things in the stratosphere of being
I wake up with the sunrise
To your chest I am leaning
**Our Morning**

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