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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I'm moving over...

Thank you if you are reading this, for I had to change locations. I was at another blog site but it wasn't working out right. I had to part ways with them (smile). Nevertheless, after this first post, you will find every other post from my other blog and it will be like we never missed a beat! Let me take this time to introduce myself. I am a starving artist with a positive and creative outlook on life. Nothing intigues me more than a new situation to analyze and express through my artistic abilities. I know that I live life very different from most people. For routine is never the way of life for me (if I can help it) and I try to change it up for new exploration everyday. My greatest challenge now is to test my creative abilities everyday and push myself a little harder than the day before. I rely on my dreams, meditation and prayer messages to guide me through this transformation.

So, this blog will truly be a key, into my inner world. I open it to you and thank you in advance for any feedback, it's ALL appreciated. Poems, thoughts, stories (about life) and non-fiction is what you will find here. The TRUTH is something that I will never again, fear.

**BlackSoulRose** **E&J**

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