Language Love.

Believe in the ability of language to heal. Let these butterfly and love-laced words infuse your Spirit with the joy from the Cosmas: the feminine genius of consciousness. Ascend.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Can words express?

No detest that you’re the best
Even if you didn’t touch me physically
Your soul spoke volumes to me
I can swim in an imaginary ocean of our ecstasy
But when I see the water around me…
I know it’s not that imaginary mmmm….
A dark light, a bright essence
A moment of tenderness,
Some pieces of heaven
We brought to that room
Swept me like a broom
Onto a higher plane and I….
Won’t Land
Don’t expect your mans to understand
But you took me in your hand
Gotta love that Black Man

I can’t even feel my heart beat without you crossing through it
Cross my heart and hope to die,
Forever I need you and I
So manly when you talk to me
Baritone reaches exceedingly…
High, oh Hi…how are you, this is my friend
Oh, bye….now are you ready to ride…to the end
But can you swim
You took me deep and far within
It was all in the cosmos
From the every beginning
You are my Soul Mate
Evolved into what a man is supposed to make
And my spirit shakes with your energy
Yet you make me breath easy

Relax, let the night flow and days follow
Relax, never will your heart be hollow
Relax, I’m yours and we both know it
You’re relaxed ‘cause I was trippin’,
I know what I want from it
Relax, let’s do what’s on our mind
Relax, baby….we have all the time

Can it be put into words?
Can words express?
Can you give me what I yearn for next?
Not just sex, but a whole lotta lovin’
Damn, I just won’t wait for the day,
I make you my husband

{Thought you was my cuzin but you wasn’t) ahahahaha

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