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Monday, May 3, 2010


I came across another one today. And I blazed her my way...indirectly.
As I sit here and think about her smile, the way she made me smile. All of her hopes and aspirations reflected in the moonlight last night. I thought I had lost all hope in the comitose, but here she flys. She flew right into my space, our stars lined up to be blissful. Only the Most High can arrange such a meeting...a meeting of Souls.

God is mysterious...a mysterious beauty that surrounds us all. If I align myself with Sacred beings, never can I fall. Never can I fail. I think that the meaning of life is defined in small moments like these. All of the bullsh*t the world has to offer....slows, and come second to a awe-inspired moment from the Most High. All moments belong to that energy but our recognition of them gives us more power in our our Sacred space. My space must be sacred and defined, for I defined the energy around me yesterday. I saw the energy waves that surrounded my being, released from my core and saw how my soul calls out to people. Certain levels of vibrations....lead to elevation.

So today started blessed, and will continue to be. Life is better than the lives of millionaires...when lived stress-free. I believe...I really do, and know now that God-energy is so omnipresent, simple, yet complex that it strategically positions us in the place of the right time...for the right things.

I started this post last week...and will finish it later..which translates into now. I know that my thoughts are beyond a galaxy that reaches most, but we are all Gods. I can't even begin to demoralize my being by sitting here and listing the trillions of thngs that have happened to us as a society, drawing us more and more to worldly ways.

I saw her and I dreamed of a place where I could be saved in my grace...the grace of Love. Where women like her would meet me to have meetings of the stir up positive vibrations in our households, in our relationships, in our families, in our lives. In our homes, in our communities, in our backyards, at our jobs. If there was a price put on the ease of mind and positivity...I would be so broke. So broke....
These are the only things in life I long for...

So my sweet Angel, I know you will be there. When I first saw you, I said to myself "That's an angel..." Are you? Are you sent to me to build and vibe on a new level...unlike any others? One that will allow us to be free in ourselves, grow wise in our years and fear not the whispers or acceptance of "modern-day" people. Quite a struggle, quite alot to ask from a Soul...but mine is enriched, and I wish to share the Love of the Most High with you.

"Spread Goodness" is what the elders say. Spread Love from the Most High and shower me with flower essences of sweet smells, sweet hearts and sweet Black Women. My dolls, the beauty beyond beauty. The Spirit of a Goddess is covered with the Mahogany, Black, Sweet, Curvaceous honey-dripping hips and skin that are in direct alignment with the Divine Creator. I am Proud, Bold and Lovely. I am Proud to be an Afrikan Woman. I am proud to be an Afrikan. No longer will I be isolated with my potential, afraid if others will accept me or succumb to my natural, royal beauty. They have no choice.

While the others worry about the lustful, roaming eyes of men, she and I will drive into wilderness darknesses and play with strawberry fields and flowers.

While the others pay to play, we will be in the freedom of free. Spending nothing but our energy tirelessly. Living on nothing known to humanity. A new entire world only we can see. The concept of reality is's time for the new galaxies to open up.

While the others plan get-aways with no metaphysical content...we will live in the Sun. We will march like non-thieves into the hearts of many, and warm the Souls of the Lost. We will stray away from negative energy....for it is at a lost. I love you my Love, I love You, I love YOU!

Women of the world, women of the Nile...all are my child. Women of the world, women of the Nile...I Am your child.

We are one...We are of the same...can we find that magnetic wave...that leaves none of us in thegrave. Life is Eternal...Life is everlasting. Life is the are the question.

We are the quest for sweetback Knowledge...we are the quest for subliminal energy.We...are WOMAN. Afrikan Goddess, Warrior Princess...from the hills of Milano. To the droves of the smell of sweet peaches in Savannah. I am...Afiyana. You are... My Rose. "Honey Molasses"

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