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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"One Night Stand" (A Novel) by: Naree' Renelle

This here is my novel; a work in progress/ process. Believe in my is the excerpt or the description you will find in the back of the book:

One Night Stand: My Life’s Movie

“But was it just for one night?”

A test of fate accompanies Naree' Renelle’s path to adulthood in this twisted tale of lovers and friends.

Fresh out of Undergrad, she comes to tackle what seems to be the most inevitable of obstacles concerning Love and Life.

Late nights, she imagines her life with the young man she deeply craves for. Their close association made her comfortable with the new secrets her body held. As a normal part of her clique, she highly anticipates every social opportunity she has with him. Each time, further convincing herself that they are destined to be.

But where did the truth go? She begins to wonder after joining a popular social network. Naree’ and several of her close associates, connected via “Tetwork,” are faced with both old and new skeletons as emotional outbursts rise to the surface. The deeper Naree' digs into the world of digital communication, the more the drama unfolds.

From secrets of betrayal, to the spiraling of reputations, this gripping tale explores the effect that negative social interactions can have on personal relationships.

“One Night Stand” is the movie that took place right before one young woman’s eyes as she battled with the truth, her integrity and those that she shared both human and technological love with.

And it all started with just one night……

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