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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Soul Child....Gone WILD! (Dedicated to those that STAND out!)

                                                                                                (Photo by afrikess)

My looks are to be deceived. Who Am I?

When flowers spring up, I feel emotions rise, tempers flaring....but who am I?

There she goes, they say...Speaking her Revolutionary bullshyt...I got 'em all scared.
They want to unfollow me, but they have to acknowledge me. The TRUTH in my stance, that stands there. The glow in my eyes and my glare.

Rebellious hair, with a mean switch to match. Sorry if I come around alot and not get attached. Perfection is the only match...for the mentally detached.

I remember when I began this post. Here I am, finishing a draft from a few months back. I already spoke about "Sassy Happiness" about two posts down (make sure to check it out!!), and that sums up all I was feeling here.

See because, what do people expect from the "Conscious/ Conscience" crowd or the Spiritually righteous?

I've tried not to infuse my thoughts with those of everyday "people"...but sometimes it is inevitable.

So anyway, they criticized Huey Newton for smoking cigarettes, Bob Marley for smoking ganja and Jay-Z for drinking Ace of Spades.

Oh, and if you're not a traditional Christian, then they don't have any words for you..."lost soul". Acting in favor of your Ancestors is what most would label as "animalistic and barbaric" ideals concerning the worship of a God-head. Fear is ignorance. Ignorance is misunderstood.

Call me Ms. Understood.

BUT however, and anyway, for all of these reasons, and countless others, I am a...Soul Child Gone WILD!

                                                                                                     (Photo courtesy of

So I say to those that stand out, either by their hair, attitude, stance, style or ideas, DO IT and LOVE IT! For I Love you for being Bold, for feeling something different from most others in your core...what connects us cannot be expressed into words...Soul to Soul...

So Stand...and know that you are not alone. I also have a video I will be uploading to YouTube about this very matter. Standing spiritually strong...understanding that is okay to question authority or ideas/ philosophies that contradict the ACTUAL way of Life.

Nature is perfect. The Creator makes no mistakes.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment, and you are reading this because the Divine Order brought you here. Embrace the energy, embrace the Knowledge, embrace your individual DNA as it embraces you.

As always, Love and Light. Peace be with the World. Naree' Renelle.

Mmm Hmmmm *Erykah Badu Voice*

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