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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bounce Wit' Me

Bouncing wit Positive Energy

Okay so today my mood is a little higher. I prayed and I have two upcoming interviews...God is real and oh, so good to me. On the note of positive vibes, I've been getting them all today. I am so glad I ventured off by myself to do things I needed to. Seeing old friends (more like family) was a Great experience...and I love babies. I love puppies and babies, little people in general (not that dogs are babies get me!) So yeah, I am saving up for Miami, Spring Break 2010, it is what it is, and it will be what I make it...Miami here i come..AGAIN! If you don't know then ask. Enough with the play, hard work has to get me where I am going now, can I stay inspired? I know I will. This one is short and sweet..blessings from the Most High fill my heart, then my page...oh, and by the way....Chrisette Michelle took me to another level last night with her music..thanks babes. And thank you babes to my special sweet treat, next time I'm gonna tast your lips sweet GuiltyPleasure I ain't goin' nowhere....


until next time, Peace and Blessings

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