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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am...Choosing to Love Something New Every Day

Am I whatever you say I am? Maybe..... SIKE! If I was to be what you said I am then I would be crazy. So I had a blast with the bestie last night and I was sooo happy we decided to get up. I'm kinda still recovering and debating whether or not to fuck with "Him" tonite. Some one on one time would be good though. And since he's a working man and I am still a "Starving Artist," I think I will take all of that into consideration.

Today was spiritual for a number of reasons though. I can't even begin to describe the dreams, the visions, the epiphanies and the energy of the Most High. I did a group meditation today and a solo one. I'm gonna be on my meditation tip everyday now because I know I need to get back on it like I was over the summer. Last summer was such a blessing for so many reasons, I learned so much about life and love in general. What is life without love? I pose the question again because everyday I try to find a new way to seek the answer. If I can make a pact to love something new every day, then I would be what I need to be. And believe me, the Creator has enough creations for me to choose a new thing to love everyday. And the Creator loves me, Beautifully. I'm signing off here and I would love to continue tomorrow. I have been on it good this week and I will continue. Someone tell me how to add cool features to this thing??? LOL...**E&J**

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