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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soldier Of Love

I've been through it all when it comes to love. Call me a soldier 'cause I been fighting for a while now. I should have some stripes. Let me start by saying, this post was inspired by the beautiful, multi-talented Goddess Sade.

Understand, when I speak of being a soldier of love, I'm not just talking about relationships dealing with men that I have loved. I am talking about friends that I have loved and lost, love for my family that sometimes dissapointed me, and the ultimate love for my Creator (a two-way street). These things have ultimately made me stronger. And because of this, I cry to soul-cleanse and it leads to my Soul Evolution. I understand that most do not understand from which context I speak but I like it that way, True freedom is a high price to pay at times, the rest of the world sleeps as I fight these fights...a Revolutionary and a Soldier of Love.

To all those who have loved and lost, this is one of the most valuable lessons of life. I have loved and lost and wouldn't trade a thing. The men who have thought they left me with holes in my heart, Maat has mended them, may God be with you. To the others who shall remain nameless, you will never persevere as you live through other's dreams and not your own. I keep you nameless because energy shall take care of you...DUH! And to all of the followers of my heart, I pray that you feel me, as we engage in distant group meditations, on a global level. Love is Universal and it is the ultimate life source. Without Love, there is no life. And I swear that living life without love is not living at all. So I will and I continue to be a Soldier of Love, this war is one that has no beginning or end, nor any winners or losers...fate takes care of what it shall be.

And now I ask, who are the other Soldiers ready to fight with me. Soldier of Love....and I take no prisoners!                

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