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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is Life...Without Love?

So, today my best friend and I are going to a small High School reunion. Well its actually tonight. No hear back from jobs but fuck that for the weekend. Im about to send my resume off to like 2 or 3 people and then I'm done for the day. I'm so fuckin tired!!! I slept until about 3pm today but thats cuz I was up until like 7am, watching Jurassic Park, writing poetry, working on this blog and enjoying the hour of the Most High. Actually, I feel refreshed for centering myself for a while. If I could get paid to put my artistic and creative abilities to the test everyday I know I would be a millionaire. I can do Anything, I promise. If you put me somewhere, tell me to write about it, sing about, talk about it, do without it....I'm good! Tehehehe. Anyway, Miami did look promising but I don't know anymore. I'm not comfortable with asking my mother for another a thousand dollars to go on a trip when I don't even really have a job yet. Even if I get a job, would it be appropraite to immediately take off time for a personal trip. Serious Judgement Call. Anyway, I did quit the other job I had for a day because alot of these jobs are seriously, stupid. Not that I'm picky but I am a college graduate and I do need some more type of stability. I hope the best to everyone today. I feel like today is going to be a good night that's why I may not even concern myself with the ignorance of the world. crazy right? You can't escape it, but you choose whether or not you respond to it. I am finally realizing how wonderful I am. I think I slept on myself for so long, unable to really hatch into the creative, artistic, articulate and passionate young, BLACK woman that I am. I was born with the skills though and now I need my confodence through the roof. Keep me on this's the only one I need. It's Friday I'm happy and Love is indeed, Life. Read my first post and you will see that I said that. I repeat it alot and I will again: Love is Life. What is life without love? Not just the head over heel type in a of your of the trees....the of the planet you walk on and should live in sync of the birds that sing every morning to wake us of the Tropical Rainforests that most of us are far too scared to ever go of the entire world and cosmic energy that dewlls within us and all around us. Love. Pure. and Simple. **BlackSoulRose**

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